Last Chances

Last Chances

Summer or winter, we all need to dress up. What could be better than to be able to do so at sweet, sweet prices while adopting trendy, fashionable looks? Welcome in our last chances !

On our online women's clothing website Actuelle, we offer a wide range of pieces at ultra affordable prices for women on a budget who still want to treat themselves. Fashion and fashion items at low prices for the greatest happiness of all, whether it's short dresses, long dresses, plain or floral dresses, summer or winter trousers, blouses for every occasion, jumpers for cold days when you want to curl up, coats at the cutting edge of the latest trends to complete your look and get out of the house, sleeveless or sleeveless cardigans, floral or geometric prints, there's something for every taste

An evening out with your partner? Go for an Actuelle dress in paisley or floral print.

A walk by the sea in the middle of summer? A pair of comfortable plain shorts with a striped top will be perfect for the occasion.

Finally, are you planning to go out on the town with your girlfriends? Buy a nice quilted jacket and jeans to go through the city like a real fashionista!

Our pieces are made and designed to offer all women a stylish and comfortable look at a reasonable price. The category of these products is updated regularly so that you can always dress in style without breaking your wallet.

Browse our selection of great prices now to find trendy items and update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Order online and take advantage of free delivery from £60 and free returns if an item doesn't suit you.