Discover Actuelle accessories

Accessories are essential on every outfit, in order to finalize and sublimate it. Belts, jewelry, for yourself or to give as a gift, there are so many possibilities... true way to highlight your personality, discover Actuelle accessories.

Our collection of Actuelle belts

More than just an accessory to hold up our oversized or poorly cut jeans, the Actuelle belt is a fashion essential that serves to mark our waist in a glamorous way, an accessory we can't live without, just like our bracelets, necklaces and other earrings. In suede, braided, Actuelle's selection of belts will give a different tone to each look: sometimes bohemian, sometimes businesswoman... on jeans or a dress, the belt is perfect on each piece. Wear it where it will surprise you: on a coat, a sweater or a shirt, for an offbeat and chic look!

So, thin or thick belt, leather, suede or braided belt, which one should I choose? Follow our advice! To each piece and to each morphology the belt that will match it.

To each look its belt: which belt to choose? Which Current belt to choose?

Opt for a small thin belt if you are thin and small, but be careful that it does not become transparent! An Actuelle belt of this kind will give a very cute side to your style.

Wear the wider Actuelle belt if you want to hide your belly or to mark your waist in a more pronounced way.

The suede Actuelle belt will accentuate your chic side, over a pretty working girl dress... add a nice long straight coat, and your look will speak for itself!

Opt for the Actuelle braided belt for a more natural and sparkling side, a very feminine color such as powder pink or beige... over pants or a dress, it will embellish you as it should! It will give a very bohemian side to your outfit, while energizing it.

Color-wise, put a belt that will recall the color of one of the pieces you are wearing: belt matched with shoes or coat, it shows that your look is thoughtful, and it will show!

How to wear the Actuelle belt

Wear your belt on the thinnest section of your bust. Often this is either below the bust, at the waistline or on the hips.

On your hips to highlight your buttocks, above to mark the waist ... the choice is yours!

Either way, the belt says a lot about you and your style. The Actuelle belt is synonymous with elegance and strength of character and will transform an outfit that at first glance is quite simple. Finalize your outfit with this accessory that will give your look a boost!