The Actuelle Coat

The coat is THE finishing touch to your outfit. Complete your look by choosing the last touch: come and fall for the coat that will set the current tone for your style. Ultra trendy with a beautiful long winter coat, sometimes more timeless and chic with a pea coat... at Actuelle, we have something for everyone when it comes to women's coats!

Come and opt for a varied choice of colors, materials and cuts. The choice is yours!

Which Actuelle coats should I choose for my body type?

In the Actuelle women's coats collection, you will find the coat of your dreams that will suit your body type, your style and that will keep you warm throughout the winter.

Which Actuelle coats choose when you are little?

For those who are less than 1m65, the oversize effect of a coat can pack your silhouette, opt for a long coat which will lengthen your silhouette. If you opt for a long Actuelle coat, take it curved or straight, it will enhance your figure.

Which Actuelle coats choose when you have curves?

If you have curves in your stomach or thighs, already opt for the purchase of a coat where you feel comfortable in your movements and which sublimates by the same occasion your pretty curves. The Actuelle coat that we recommend is the fitted coat. It structures your silhouette and marks your waist, which will make you sublime. The trapeze cut will enhance your legs.

Prefer a cape? Combine it with straight cut jeans and heeled ankle boots, you will have a very beautiful winter look full of charm. Opt for a mid-length or long Actuelle coat that will refine your figure and highlight it.

Which Actuelle coats choose for tall girls?

The coat of choice for tall women is the extra-long coat. To avoid adding too much volume to your silhouette, take an Actuelle extra-long straight cut coat. If you want to mark your waist, consider the Actuelle trench that you can belt.

The Actuelle Coat Collection

Choose a coat short for a sportswear look where you can show off your legs! It will go perfectly on a nice slim, straight pants and will lengthen your silhouette if you are not very tall. Indeed, showing your legs will give you a more slender and therefore taller look, which will be less the case with a long coat. Can be fitted or oversized, the short coat will be the perfect solution for a cute and feminine look. For mid-season and in the same style, the jacket is the ideal compromise, you will neither be too hot nor too cold and you will have a perfect look!

The long winter coat will give you the opportunity to keep your legs warm, and to wear a dress or a pretty skirt in peace without shivering from the cold! Its elegance and covering power are often highlighted. At Actuelle, we'll love the neutral and autumnal colors on the long coat: beige, grey, black... just as many colors that will give you an elegant and chic appearance. Or patterned for an even more assertive look. So dare!

The down jacket will keep you warm all winter, very soft! And fans of down jackets, it's current. Sleeveless, long-sleeved, velvet or quilted down jacket, hood with fur (imitation) or without hood, long or short... we haven't finished offering you the possibilities of choice as varied as each other! A sleeveless padded jacket with a pretty faux fur hood will give you a very sportswear style, while a long-sleeved velvet jacket will give you a much more trendy and BCBG look. A down jacket for every occasion, but above all comfort and warmth!

The hottest women's coat this season is the oversized shirt! Its generally warm fabric (wool or flannel) allows it to be categorized as a coat and brings the final touch to your outfit. On a very feminine style, like a dress for example, it brings a slightly relaxed tone thanks to its oversized cut. It perfectly complements vintage jeans and a chunky knit sweater for the coldest winter days. A must-have for the past few seasons, this piece has really hit the mark.

In terms of colors, the oversized shirt that can be worn as a coat to complete your outfit will be just as pretty plain, in autumnal colors such as beige, brown or ecru, or in pastel colors to soften the outfit and give pep to your style. The oversized shirt is very trendy when it is checkered, striped or polka dot too. A fashion asset for any look, the overshirt also has the modesty of being very practical, easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.

Finally, for a more casual style, opt for the Actuelle bomber jacket, which will give you an ideal nineties look for mid-season! Day or night, the bomber jacket can be worn oversized, coloured, printed, plain... there's something for everyone at Actuelle.