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How to wear the oversize shirt?

23 May 2023

comment porter la chemise oversize ? conseils et astuces photo shooting mannequin brune avec chemise oversize blanche et jean bootcut orange

How to wear the oversize shirt? The trend of recent years The oversize shirt has become an unavoidable trend in recent years thanks to its casual look and its ultra simple and effective use. You will choose at least one size above yours in order to give that “oversize” side that we love so much. This versatile piece offers both style and comfort. Discover here some tips and tricks to...

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la veste matelassée : must-have du printemps 2023


The quilted jacket: a must-have of spring 2023

The quilted jacket: a must-have of spring 2023 After the aviator jacket or the bomber, then the floral suit jacket, it is the turn of the quilted jacket to be the must-have of spring 2023! The quilted jacket, a must for this spring We are in the...

20 April 2023

demain nous appartient tf1 acteurs

My Diary

Find Actuelle on TF1

Actuelle is now on TF1 If you are a fan of the series Demain Nous Appartient on TF1, you may have noticed the elegant and fashionable outfits worn by the female actresses. What if we told you that you can also buy these outfits online? This is...

14 April 2023

comment être séduisante avec une jupe ? photo shooting duo jupe midi fleurie cachemire avec pull col bateau bleu


Be attractive with a skirt

Be attractive with a skirt How to be attractive with a skirt ? There are several ways to wear a skirt, depending on its morphology, clothing style; There are many factors that come into play. The ways to be seductive with fashion pieces are multiple,...

27 February 2023

les idées reçues à oublier / modèle portant robe longue crochet imprimé tie and dye bleu marine devant une porte d'entrée


Preconceived ideas to forget

What are the misconceptions to forget? Even though we like to think that our style is unique and stands out from the rest, it is often influenced by the trends around us. We often choose our clothes based on what we think is popular, rather than...

13 February 2023

5 astuces vestimentaires pour avoir meilleure mine article de blog / modèle portant le pantalon fluide imprimé bleu marine et le top tricot blanc à bretelles


5 clothing tips to look better

Wondering how to look radiant when wearing certain clothes? We present our 5 clothing tips that make you look better. Whether it's investing in quality clothing or wearing colors that highlight your complexion, these tips will help you make the right...

08 February 2023

Be stylish when it's cold / comment être stylée lorsqu'il fait froid ? article de blog modèle portant le manteau écru 3/4 avec ceinture et bonnet rose


Be stylish when it’s cold

Be stylish when it's cold Winter is here, it's cold outside! And we know you want to stay stylish and warm. So we've put together some outfit ideas that will help you do it so you can look stylish when it's cold. We have a range of outfits for all...

02 February 2023

Buy second-hand clothes

Buying second-hand clothes can be a great way to save money and find unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. However, it can also be a minefield if you don't know what to look for or where to start. If you're a beginner looking for advice on how to buy...

02 February 2023

Comment réussir son look ?

My Diary

How to make a successful look

Do you sometimes feel like you don't know how to dress or create the perfect look? Are you constantly looking for the right pieces that match your style, but don't know where to start? To have style, it is not enough to wear only the latest trends ;...

10 January 2023

quels sont les vêtements qui facilitent la vie ?

My Diary

Clothes that make life easier

We all have basics in our dressing room, but it is still necessary to choose quality and that highlight you. For the days when the inspiration for our outfits is not at the rendezvous, we can simply opt for basic clothes, but that will make you just...

10 January 2023

comment être stylée en vichy ? mannequin assise dans l'herbe sur une nappe de pique-nique mangeantn une pastèque avec une robe bleue imprimé vichy manches ballon

My Diary

Being stylish in gingham

A great vintage trend that's coming back in style, the gingham pattern is a must-have in your wardrobe! Featured by fashion icon Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, wearing gingham brings a retro and glamorous touch to your outfit. It is even found in the...

10 January 2023

remettre ses habits de fête au bureau / mannequin blonde assise près d'une fenêtre habillée d'un pull noir avec fil lurex Actuelle

My Diary

Putting on your party clothes at the office

Why shouldn't party outfits be worn only for special occasions? What a pity to have to deprive oneself of wearing pretty sequin tops, sequin dresses or long satin skirts! When it comes to looking stylish and polished at the office, it's important to...

10 January 2023

osez le look noir et blanc cet hiver / photo paysage deux mannequins habillées en noir et blanc sur une terrasse

My Diary

Dare the black and white look this winter

It's no secret that monochrome outfits are a fashionista's best friend. Why? Because it is very easy to look chic and sophisticated while wearing simple pieces. A black and white ensemble is a surefire way to bring sophistication to any outfit in a...

18 November 2022

mannequin allongée sur un lit habillée en homewear bleu Actuelle / tendance homewear

My Diary

Fashion trend: cocooning homewear

Winter is fast approaching and with it, cooler temperatures and a little rain. For those who live in cold cities during this time of year, now is the time to be as prepared as possible for the cold season. Every year, a fashion trend takes place among...

18 November 2022

laver ses vêtements neufs

My Diary

Why you should wash your new clothes before wearing them

New clothes smell good, but maybe too good. Unless you're buying a garment explicitly designed not to be washed, like those dresses marked "dry clean only", new clothes almost always contain chemicals used during manufacturing that can be allergenic....

18 November 2022

Quelles sont les couleurs tendances de l'hiver ?

My Diary

Winter Fashion Guide – What colors to wear this season for optimal style?

It's time to ditch your summer wardrobe and switch to a warmer wardrobe for winter. With the chilly weather and dry air, you need a style update to look more fashionable than ever, while being bundled up to keep out the cold. Each season has its own...

18 November 2022

quels sont les pantalons tendances ? mannequin blonde assise sur fauteuil avec blouse camel à pois et pantalon 5 poches beige

My Diary

The latest trendy pants for winter: what you need to know

Keeping your style in check during the cold season is a balancing act. You need to keep your body warm without sacrificing your look. Fortunately, there are many stylish winter pants that are both functional and chic. Here's a look at the latest...

17 November 2022

quelle pull porter cet hiver ? mannequin blonde assise près d'une fenêtre avec une jupe midi Actuelle camel à pois blanc et un pull col V uni beige

My Diary

Which sweater to wear according to your morphology?

What to wear when it's cold? What to wear when it's raining and you want to stay stylish? Actuelle's fashion experts advise you on what to wear this winter according to your body type. If you don't know your body type, don't worry! Let's go through...

17 November 2022

quel manteau tendance choisir cet hiver ? mannequin blonde adossée contre un mur avec un manteau Actuelle blanc longueur 3/4 et capuche fausse fourrure noué à la taille

My Diary

Which coat to be trendy this winter?

Don't worry, we're here to help you. In this article, we will explore some of the best coats that will keep you looking stylish allwinter long. We'll also give you some tips on how to choose the right one for you. Just because it's winter doesn't...

17 October 2022

quelles sont les tendances cet automne en matière de mode ? duo mannequins assises sur un canapé habillées en thème noir et blanc robe vichy et ensemble tailleur imprimé pied de poule

My Diary

What are the trends this Fall?

Fashion trends to follow this fall Fall is just around the corner, which means it's time to think about the latest fashion, makeup and beauty trends. In this post, we will see the different trends of fall 2022 , our experts will explain how to...

17 October 2022

Être tendance au bureau

My Diary

Office chic in any season

You may think dressing for work is hard, but with the right tips, you can easily look chic in the office all year long. It's all about choosing pieces that are both stylish and comfortable, and that can be dressed up or down depending on the...

17 October 2022

My Diary

Stylish for back to school

Classic, minimalist, formal or elegant, there are many options when it comes to back-to-school clothing. Actuelle gives you its advice on how to be stylish this fall. Discover our tips to be on top of the trend while going back to work.   Should...

23 September 2022

l'été continue grâce à mon look / mannequin blonde portant une blouse rose fleurie manches longues avec boutons nacre

My Diary

The summer continues with my look

Summer is all about effortless style, and you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve it. You can achieve a great look by dressing for the season with the right clothes and accessories. Actuelle tells you how to easily add a pop of color to your fall...

22 September 2022

comment associer les couleurs entre elles ? mannequin blonde assise sur un canapé avec une blouse bleu ciel imprimé fleurs de lotus et gilet bleu mohair alpaga manches dolman

My Diary

Fashion: How to combine colors?

Are you unsure about the color combination of your clothes? Then this article is for you! You will find here a guide to help you in your sometimes difficult choices and leave with certainty on your color associations. Do you waste time spending hours...

14 September 2022

5 idées de tenues pour une rentrée en douceur /robe taille élastiquée imprimé cachemire et pull uni avec jupe midi imrpimé cachemire

My Diary

5 outfit ideas for a smooth return to school

Back to school is coming for everyone: children are going back to school, and parents are going back to work. In short, it's back to school! We put away the suitcases, we put back the bathing suits in the closets, and we slowly start to exchange the...

29 August 2022

Que porter en été pour ne pas avoir trop chaud ?

My Diary

What to wear in the summer to keep from getting too hot?

If you're wondering "What to wear in the summer so you don't get too hot?", you've come to the right place. In this article, we will answer your questions about what color to wear, what fabrics to wear and we will offer you our current selection....

27 July 2022

Comment s'habiller à la plage ?

My Diary

How to dress when you go to the beach?

Whether you're going to the beach for a day or an entire weekend, you'll find the perfect beach outfit. Here are some basic tips for dressing appropriately for the beach. No matter what you wear, make sure you have fun! How to dress for the...

25 July 2022

comment s'habiller pour une sortie entre copines ? duo mannequins assises sur une nappe de pique-nique en vêtements imprimés agrumes et pamplemousses et citrons dans les mains

My Diary

How to dress for a drink with friends?

When deciding what to wear to a drink with friends, think about what you'll be most comfortable in and what will make you look your best. While a dressy outfit may seem appropriate for a night out with friends, a relaxed, casual look is just as...

25 July 2022

branchée en imprimés / mannequin blonde portant une robe fleurie avec boutons nacre dans un jardin avec piscine en arrière plan

My Diary

Trendy in Prints

Trendy in Prints You wonder how to be Trendy in prints ? Actuelle has the answer ! How to wear a print? Or how to combine stripes with a print? Here are some tips from Actuelle stylists on how to mix prints together. So you can be stylish and trendy...

15 July 2022

la mode pendant les années 70 tendance intemporelle et moderne


The History of Fashion: the 70s

The 1970s were marked by an important politicisation of public life, especially among the younger generation. International problems such as the cold war and the arms race of the world powers as well as the question of ecology constantly provoke new...

13 July 2022

Comment s'habiller pour partir en vacances ?

My Diary

How to dress for vacation?

Want to be chic and casual to go on vacation? Don't miss these simple and effective tips to make you a diva this summer. Here are some fashion tips from our Actuelle stylists, experts in fashion and trendy looks. At the beach, dress and suit to look...

06 July 2022

Tendance mode été 2022

My Diary

The big fashion trend of the summer

Want to stand out this summer on the beach or in town? Fall in love with floral patterns and prints! Discover Actuelle's selection to be trendy and elegant during the summer! What is the fashion trend for this summer 2022? Actuelle announces the color...

04 July 2022

zoom sur la méthode bisou / mannequin blonde qui porte une robe dans les tons jaunes fleurie et une veste en gabardine jaune pastel

My Diary

Focus on the BISOU method

Do you know the BISOU method? It is the acronym of a great method that allows you to adopt a responsible and reasoned consumption of fashion, which helps your wallet and the planet to avoid overconsumption. The Actuelle team explains all about this...

17 June 2022

comment porter la robe longue d'été ? mannequin blonde avec une robe fleurie longue manches courte rose

My Diary

How to wear the long summer dress?

The long dress is an essential piece in her closet, especially in summer. It brings you a more modern, feminine and romantic look. But how to wear the long dress in summer? Discover without further delay the fashion advice of our Actuelle stylists,...

14 June 2022

comment porter la broderie anglaise ? photo mannequin protant une blouse en broderie anglaise et un short blush avec ceinture tressée avec un champ en arrière-plan

My Diary

English embroidery, the star of elegance and refinement

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, our Actuelle fashion experts have found a noble and elegant fabric that will seduce you with its refinement: embroidery anglaise. The history of English embroidery Even if it is called English embroidery,...

31 May 2022

Comment s’habiller pour partir en week-end ?

My Diary

How to dress for a weekend trip?

With the nice weather coming back, are you planning to go for a weekend to discover a new destination? Your itinerary is complete, your reservations are made. But what about your suitcase? Have you prepared your different outfits, to combine comfort...

30 May 2022

mettre en valeur ses atouts / duo mannequins dans une allée portant jupe et robe bleu ciel

My Diary

How to highlight your assets?

You want to highlight your assets? Discover without further delay all the tips from Actuelle's fashion experts to enhance your assets and be seductive in any occasion. Know your morphology Before knowing how to emphasize your assets, you must know...

18 May 2022

Comment s'habiller pour un mariage ?

My Diary

How to dress for a wedding?

The wedding season is launched! According to the current trends, your outfit can reveal your elegance and bring you a chic and trendy style. Whether you are a guest, a witness or a mother of the bride, the possibilities are endless. But how to dress...

10 May 2022

My Diary

The History of Fashion : the 50’s & 60’s

After the war, fashion did not evolve much. Because of the shortage, dresses and short, narrow, strict suits with marked shoulders and a slightly stiff line are kept. However, haute couture was already trying to soften the silhouette and to give back...

19 April 2022

comment rajeunir sa garde-robe ? mannequin blonde assise en bord de piscine avec blouse col claudine bleu jean à pois blancs

My Diary

What clothing styles should I wear to look younger?

We all want to look younger and trendier. This includes haircuts, makeup and skincare, but also hobbies and interests. But did you know that sometimes all it takes is one piece of clothing to make you look younger? Today, the Actuelle team shares...

24 March 2022

comment porter votre lingerie dessus-dessous ?

My Diary

How to wear your underwear ?

In this year 2022, the trend of over and under lingerie is increasing, as it brings a modern, classy and sexy side. Many celebrities are following the over and under trend by wearing underwear as outerwear. The famous singer Rihanna, as well as Sofia...

02 March 2022

la plus belle pour la saint-valentin / mannequin blonde portant blouse imprimé baroque col montant bleu marine

My Diary

The most beautiful for Valentine’s Day

Love's day is coming up and you haven't found your outfit to celebrate Love with a capital A yet? Don't panic, our Actuelle fashion experts share with you all their tips to be at the top, elegant and modern for a successful Valentine's Day party! I...

07 February 2022

Comment bien préparer les soldes sur internet ? 

My Diary

How to prepare the sales on the internet?

Sales are a highlight for any fashionista, whether online or in-store. On site or on the internet, you must be prepared to find the best pieces and make the best deals. Today, we give you all our tips and advice so that you can prepare the sales on...

10 January 2022

optez pour le look sport chic / mannequin brune portant pull beige et doudoune sans manches kaki effet cuir

My Diary

From the slopes to the city, go for the sporty chic look

This winter, whether you're going skiing or staying at home, adopt a sporty chic look. Like you're just off the slopes, wear your prettiest down jacket and pair it with your softest, most comfortable sweater. The idea? Be elegant and modern with your...

03 January 2022

Rayonnante pour les fêtes de fin d’année

My Diary

Radiant for the holiday season ✨

In all occasions, we want to be elegant and radiant. What better time than the upcoming holiday season? At Actuelle, we make it a point of honor to offer you all year long, and even more so in the coming weeks, trendy and chic pieces to reveal and...

20 December 2021

Blazer Prince De Galles / Osez le motif Prince de Galles

My Diary

A 100% trendy look with the Prince of Wales pattern

With the return of cold weather, we want to adopt a cosy look, while remaining trendy and elegant. The fashion detail of this fall-winter is the Prince of Wales pattern. Endlessly versatile and retro chic, this fabric enhances your style and makes you...

18 November 2021

5 idées de tenues pour l'automne / photo paysage mannequin blonde de 3/4 avec robe bleue imprimé craquelé

My Diary

5 outfit ideas for fall

Fall is here and it's here! The temperatures have dropped, it's the perfect time to bring out the heavy sweaters and the nice winter coats. New season means new wardrobe, and we don't know about you, but at Actuelle, we love winter. Because winter...

12 October 2021

3 astuces pour enlever une tâche de vin


How to remove a wine stain

Did you get a red wine stain on your tablecloth? On your white shirt? On your sofa? Stay calm, we have the solutions! Here are 3 tips to remove a red wine stain, using only products already in your cupboards. Tip #1: White wine And yes! How to clean a...

16 July 2021

Red floral print tailored jacket


Outfit ideas for a seaside getaway

Hello girls, Actuelle is back today to present you 3 ideal outfits to go for a walk, with family or friends, to be always on top! The beautiful days are back, so it's time to put on little dresses, skirts, and let your pretty legs take some air that...

16 July 2021

Comment taillent les vêtements chez Actuelle ?


How do the clothes at Actuelle fit?

The sizes, it is very subjective to each. It is not always easy to find a garment that fits perfectly. And as we can never find our way around, each brand making its own sizes and cuts, we decided to make a guide so that you can see more clearly and...

16 July 2021

Comment s'habiller en fonction de sa morphologie ?


How to dress according to your morphology?

With trends changing every season, it becomes difficult to dress fashionably while choosing clothes that truly flatter our style and female body type. The goal of this article is for you to look fabulous, no matter what the current trend is. We offer...

16 July 2021

comment porter la jupe midi ?


How to wear the midi skirt?

Have you ever tried to put on a midi skirt and looked in the mirror and noticed that something was wrong? You can't figure out what the problem is, but the look doesn't suit you. If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. We will reveal the...

16 July 2021

Pink Print Mohair Sweater


How to wear a floral print?

Floral prints, paired with the right accessories and outerwear, are easy to wear to ease the winter and fall gloom and are reliable style options throughout the spring and summer. While a floral print is great in theory, the truth is that it can be...

16 July 2021

entretenir ses vêtements actuelle / mannequin blonde assise sur un tabouret avec combinaison rayée col V longueur 7/8


How to care for your Actuelle clothes?

Now that we value quality over quantity, it's important to know how to take care of your Actuelle clothes so that you can wear them longer: so how do you care for your Actuelle clothes? Follow our 10 essential tips to make sure your clothes last and...

16 July 2021

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