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Publié le 18 November 2022

Fashion trend: cocooning homewear

Winter is fast approaching and with it, cooler temperatures and a little rain. For those who live in cold cities during this time of year, now is the time to be as prepared as possible for the cold season. Every year, a fashion trend takes place among the insiders of women's ready-to-wear: the cocooning homewear. Cocooning means "return to oneself", a way of expressing a need to withdraw into oneself in winter to stop being cold. The cocooning is a fashion declined by various fields: the clothing fashion, but also the interior architecture and the interior decoration in particular. The brands then propose warm, comfortable and relaxing collections to inspire a spirit of relaxation in winter fashion.

What is cocooning fashion?

The cocooning fashion trend is marked by a desire to withdraw into oneself during the winter, a desire to stay at home as much as possible, to protect oneself from the cold. This trend, present in many sectors, is placed under the sign of comfort and coziness. Cocooning fashion is not only about dressing warmly and protecting yourself from the cold, but also about feeling protected and comfortable inside. Dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, shawls, gloves, socks, pajamas and slippers are the key pieces that characterize this trend. With the arrival of winter, people are looking for warm, soft and cozy clothes. They try not to be cold. Cocooning fashion is about dressing warmly and feeling good inside.

3/4 sleeves sweater with diamond patternFashion : warm and comfortable cocooning

The cocooning trend is a natural extension of the evolution of fashion, which is increasingly focused on well-being. This fashion is associated with a return to one's roots, with the desire to stay close to one's roots, to be more in tune with oneself. And what could be more basic than putting on a warm sweater, putting your feet up on a pair of soft slippers or snuggling up with a blanket? This is a trend that applies to all kinds of clothing. Mixing fabrics and textures remains a key feature of this trend. Fashion designers combine fabrics of different textures or combine different patterns. This is the case with sweaters that have a velvet collar or leggings with a mohair pattern. This trend is also reflected in the colors used.

Softness and luxury in the homewear collection

When we think of cocooning, we think of winter. It is therefore logical to associate this fashion with winter clothing. However, this trend goes beyond the cold season. It's all about comfort, softness and warmth. It's also about indulging and being luxurious by wearing quality fabrics and accessories. The Actuelle clothing collection is in the trend of cocooning by offering pants, skirts, dresses for you to be at the top of your comfort throughout the day whether you are at home or at the office.

Winter sweater fucshia long sleeves dot nopeUltra-comfortable Actuelle garments in cashmere, merino and mohair.

For winter, we have a choice of many types of fabrics: wool, cashmere, merino, mohair, velvet, etc. Besides its aesthetic qualities, which are certainly important, wool is also one of the best insulating materials. It is used for sweaters and jackets. Merino is a type of sheep's wool that is known for its softness and comfort. It is often mixed with other fabrics such as cotton, acrylic and polyester. Mohair is a silky fabric made from the hair of angora goats. It is used for sweaters and shawls. Cashmere is a luxury fabric made from the undercoat of the Tibetan goat. It is known for its softness and comfort.    

Mix prints and colors: from two-color to one-colorLegging Milano Imitation Leather

For several seasons, fashion designers have been experimenting with mixing different patterns, fabrics and colors. This trend applies to the cocooning mode and is often characterized by the use of two different tones. For example, a black and gray sweater with a white pattern, or a pair of leggings with a multi-colored pattern. For the cocooning trend, fashion designers began to focus on mixing a single tone, resulting in a seamless look, a consistent style. By mixing different tones and patterns, designers try to create a harmonious cocooning look. They try to give a warm atmosphere to the clothes. The cocooning trend is about dressing warmly and feeling good inside. Dressing warmly does not only mean wearing warm and thick clothes. It also means taking care of what you wear and choosing quality over quantity. It's about finding comfort in what we wear, whether it's jeans or a dress. It's taking care of yourself and being proud of who you are.

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