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Publié le 14 April 2023

Find Actuelle on TF1

Actuelle is now on TF1

If you are a fan of the series Demain Nous Appartient on TF1, you may have noticed the elegant and fashionable outfits worn by the female actresses. What if we told you that you can also buy these outfits online? This is possible thanks to the collaboration of our women's ready-to-wear online store Actuel and the Qaméléon application. Find Actuel on TF1 every night of the week from 19:10!

TF1 and Tomorrow Belongs to Us

Today, TF1, created in 1975, is the most watched television channel in France with 3.9 million viewers per day. TF1 offers varied programming and broadcasts daily entertainment programs, films and series including the series Demain Nous Appartient, broadcast every night of the week from 19:10. You can follow the daily adventures of the characters, some of whose actresses are dressed with our ready-to-wear brand Actuel !

Find Actuelle on TF1

The Tomorrow Belongs to Us series

Our online store has recently gained popularity due to the presence of its clothes in the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us. The outfits worn by the actresses sparked a buzz among female viewers, who were desperate to get hold of these pieces for their own wardrobe. Indeed, Actuel has recently launched a collaboration with the series Demain Nous Appartient, which is broadcast every night of the week from 19:10 on the TF1 television channel. The actresses of the series wear some of our pieces to highlight them and make you discover our brand of women's ready-to-wear online. Demain Nous Appartient is a French series broadcast on the TF1 channel since 2017. It fictionally tells the story of the city of Sète and its inhabitants between mysteries and rebounding events. This series has been a great success with the French public since its creation.

The current brand

Our Actuel online store offers a wide selection of clothing, ranging from dresses to pants or jumpsuits for summer and winter, to accessories such as belts and darlings. The clothes are designed for women of all ages and sizes, and are offered at affordable prices. Our Actuel online store is easy to navigate and offers a very smooth online shopping experience. Offering sizes from 34 to 48, Actuel adapts to all the morphologies of the modern French woman and allows you to find your clothing happiness, whether for the summer season, or the winter season. The quality of the clothes is also remarkable. The materials are soft and comfortable, and the cuts are flattering for all silhouettes. The clothes are also durable, which means you'll be able to wear them over and over again without them getting damaged. Our parts are manufactured entirely in Europe, which also proves our ecological commitment. In summary, our women's ready-to-wear online store Actuel is a great choice for women looking to add stylish and affordable clothing to their wardrobe. And if you're looking to get the outfits worn by your favorite actresses in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, now you know where to look! Find Actuel on TF1 every night of the week from 19:10.

The Qaméléon collaboration - Current

In practice, how do you get our pieces once you have seen them on your favorite series of the evening?


If you don't know the brand name of the little sweater you see wearing on the screen, don't panic! The Qaméléon application is here for you: this mobile application allows you to find the products and brands seen on television in the form of an intuitive and easy-to-use showcase. The application is enriched daily and shares with you live the official products of the shows. Did you fall for one of our pieces? Go to the Qaméléon application to shop it, and the application will take you directly to our website where you will find all the information related to the products thanks to our descriptive and complete product sheets.


Actuel has been collaborating with Qaméléon since September 2022 to highlight our products on screen and introduce the brand to the public of the Tomorrow Belongs to Us series. We have already appeared three times in this series since the beginning of 2023: Our Dave sweater and its pretty openwork details was worn by the character of Bénédicte on Tuesday, March 07, 2023 and then on March 09, it was our polka dot print midi dress that appeared on Soraya. For the month of April, a pretty spring piece has arrived on the screen for sunny days, it is our Holie floral heart dress. Stay tuned, because many pieces are coming soon on your screens, including our beautiful floral combishort, which you can now shop on our online store: Louane.

Our manufacturing commitment

At Actuelle, we are aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. That's why we are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by using sustainable materials and manufacturing our parts in Europe, with precise ethical and environmental standards. We also work with transport partners who have sustainable practices, in order to minimize the environmental impact of our logistics. We are proud to offer fashionable clothing that is also environmentally friendly!

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