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Publié le 20 April 2023

The quilted jacket: a must-have of spring 2023

The quilted jacket: a must-have of spring 2023

After the aviator jacket or the bomber, then the floral suit jacket, it is the turn of the quilted jacket to be the must-have of spring 2023!

fluorescent pink quilted jacket printed with long sleeves and plated pocketsThe quilted jacket, a must for this spring

We are in the middle of the spring season, and it is high time to update your wardrobe for the season and the sunny days! Are you looking for THE essential piece of spring for your dressing room? The quilted jacket is the perfect option! Easy to wear, perfect to combine, the quilted jacket comes in many shapes and sports many prints more original than each other, it will finalize your looks in no time! This fashion piece is back on the clothing scene for spring 2023, and for good reason! Ideal with sleeves for cool mornings, it remains practical, comfortable, trendy and very versatile.

The history of the quilted jacket

This jacket has been a must among our English friends for a number of years, just like the trench coat, it is almost unthinkable for them to go out without one of these two pieces! Originally, this piece is a set of fabrics sewn in patchwork. In the 17th century, the quilted effect was mainly used by knights and samurai to make their armor more comfortable during battle. The poorest people of the people did not have the means to protect themselves properly and wore only the padded part on them. The quilted effect allowed people to feel warm and came from pieces of fabric sewn together combined with a third layer so as not to let the cold through. From this seam comes a piece of clothing that allowed to cover oneself from the rain and which, depending on the materials, kept warm (wool, mohair, feather, polyester). The first quilted jackets are essentially masculine, and were nicknamed the "quilted jackets" by their creator, Steve Guylas, who had the idea to create this piece back from war after suffering the cold and rain. From their inception, these quilted jackets were intended for hunters and fishermen, who were the first to suffer from bad weather and cold in England, mainly. It became popular all over the world in the 70s with real patchwork fabrics, and more bohemian prints than each other. Today, it is a real must-have of any wardrobe for spring, with or without sleeves, in this year 2023. It is distinguished in particular by its quilted fabric compartments, pockets, and offers ideal comfort in addition to being pleasant to wear.

Which quilted jacket to choose and how to wear it? khaki sleeveless jacket patterns plated pockets

Today, the quilted jacket is more of a fashion piece than a garment against rain and cold. A true iconic trend, it allows you to finalize any outfit and give it a bohemian chic side that we love so much. It is ideal for days when temperatures are cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. You can wear it with casual attire, light flowing pants and a classic white top underneath, a sneaker payroll, and voila! For a more sophisticated look, pair your quilted jacket (printed or plain) with a nice colorful palazzo pants, which will give you a stylish side in no time. For the sleeveless jacket, don't worry, we thought about it too! Pair it with a pretty white blouse embroidered underneath, the look is ideal for spring. White jeans for the bottom, a pair of low shoes in a soft color matching your jacket, you will be right in the trends of the moment! Remember that the quilted jacket is a versatile piece that can suit all styles. Whether you prefer a more elegant and chic look, or a more casual outfit, the quilted jacket can match everything, just know how to combine and accessorize it. This versatility allows him to integrate into all the events of everyday life: a day at the office, an outing with friends, a romantic evening, a lunch at the restaurant ... Worn wide and not too close to the body, it offers ease to wear and allows you to wear it at any time because it will not bother you, will leave you room in your movements and movements.

New plain quilted jacket fuchsia plated pocketsPlain or printed?

Choose a plain quilted jacket and opt for a print outfit underneath, whether it's on the pants or on the top just below your jacket. On the other hand, if you are rather team printed in centerpiece, we advise you to put plain pieces under the patchwork jacket, which will make it visible and see only it, which will be the flagship piece of your outfit, of course. Accessorize it with pretty silver or gold jewelry according to your tastes, the ideal shoes according to the season, and you are ready to face your moments of life in a stylish and daring way!

Conclusion: the quilted jacket, a must-have of spring 2023

Invest in a quality piece, which will last you over time, it will be the most judicious choice to make in order to remain trendy for several seasons to come! As you can see, the quilted jacket is an ideal choice for spring in terms of fashion. We love it for its versatility, practicality, simplicity and the wide variety of styles it offers us! All its elements make it perfect for fashion lovers. If you are looking for a trendy, elegant or comfortable piece for your spring dressing room, discover the quilted jackets with or without Actuel sleeves.

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