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Publié le 23 May 2023

How to wear the oversize shirt?

How to wear the oversize shirt?

The trend of recent years

The oversize shirt has become an unavoidable trend in recent years thanks to its casual look and its ultra simple and effective use. You will choose at least one size above yours in order to give that "oversize" side that we love so much. This versatile piece offers both style and comfort. Discover here some tips and tricks to wear the oversize shirt and some ideas of looks for the different occasions of your life.

Choosing the right oversize shirt

Depending on your morphology and personal style, the choice of the oversize shirt will not be the same. Do you want a rather casual look? Opt for a shirt with a fluid and light fabric. A more formal and casual look? A more structured and curved shirt will be the ideal choice. Always choose a shirt that highlights your shapes and assets, always in the comfort you love. A pretty striped shirt will be perfect for a seafront marine look, a plain shirt if you want to try to hide your curves or a micro-printed pattern. If you want to give volume to your upper body, choose large and wide patterns that will highlight it.
  • You are looking for a casual style: The oversize shirt is ideal for a casual look, precisely thanks to its large size that allows to have a loose effect. You have several possibilities to have this casual effect:
    • Pair it with slim or fitted jeans to have a nice contrast between the top and bottom.
    • Accessorize with a belt to bend the waist or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.
    • Wear it with denim shorts and a belt to emphasize and mark your waist.
    • Want a bohemian look? Add flowing wide pants and pretty sandals for spring!
  • Formal style:
    • Wear it tucked into suit pants and add a belt to structure your figure.
    • Pair it with a pencil skirt and add high heels for a sleek, modern look.
    • Choose a white oversized shirt and pair it with black pants for a chic and timeless outfit.
  • Creative overlays:
When wearing an oversized shirt, it is important for you to keep some tips in mind:
    • Balance: a loose shirt will be combined with fitted clothes to create the balance of the silhouette.
    • In order to give volume and dimension to your look, play with lengths and materials.
    • Add the accessories adapted to the outfit: a belt to mark your size by wearing an oversize shirt, earrings large enough to emphasize the oversize side, or matching bags to finish your look and give it a personal touch.
To conclude, here is what you can remember to wear the oversize shirt: The oversize shirt is a versatile piece that will allow you to create multitude of different looks for the different occasions of your life. Play with materials, colors and patterns to create several looks and be able to postpone your shirt in many situations. Experiment with different styles, layers, and accessories to create unique, fashion-cutting-edge looks that look like you. The most important point is your comfort and the look with which you wear your look: love yourself, and it will feel and show! It's up to you! ;) Share your best looks on social networks with your pretty oversized shirt! ♡

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