The Actuelle Dress

What could be prettier and simpler to wear than a dress? Who doesn't have a dress in their wardrobe?

This piece is at the heart of our Actuelle collections, always and for a long time!

Putting on a dress is perfect when you don't know what to wear because it can be dressed in no time and allows you to create a complete outfit with just one piece. It will replace the classic jeans / sweater and will give a much more feminine and casual side to your outfit of the day. And luckily, there is something for all tastes, all body types and all styles!

From small to large sizes, discover the Actuelle dresses.

What is my body type?

As far as cuts are concerned, there's something for every shape, depending on your figure: opt for a pretty flared dress fitted at the waist which will be worn as easily in the office as in the restaurant. A dress with an elasticated waist will enhance your waistline! Perfect for X body types. The empire dress will show off your cleavage! An ally for O body shapes.

Not all dresses make us look good. There is a dress for every body type.

To know your morphology, all you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, in your underwear or in close-fitting clothes, and look at yourself.

  • Are your shoulders the same size as your pelvis?
  • Do you buy the same size for a top as for a skirt or pants?

There are different morphologies, some women are in 8, in X, in A, in V, in H or in O.

The Actuelle dress collection highlights all body types thanks to our small and large sizes. Our dresses are cut so that all women are highlighted and feel beautiful. Actuelle dresses will be your best ally in your everyday life, for an outing with family and friends. Actuelle dresses are your beauty partner for a successful day.

What Actuelle dress to wear according to my morphology?

The Actuelle flared dress

From petite to plus size, the flare dress is a classic in any woman's wardrobe. At Actuelle, we like it simple black for a chic and elegant side, with flowers, patterns, lace, stripes... With short or long sleeves depending on the season, it tends to be loose at the bottom, the flared dress will be very pretty under a blazer jacket, with heels for a day at work or with trainers for a more casual style. The flare dress is a simple dress for all occasions.

The Actuelle Empire Model Dress

The empire dress is your evening ally! Very high waist, fitted below the chest, and more or less flared bottom, the empire dress will give you a princess side, the one we have always dreamed of since childhood. It has the advantage of giving you an elegant side for a special occasion where chic will be required, or a more casual side for any occasion! It will camouflage your curves at the level of the lower body, and will lengthen your silhouette. Ideal for the little ones with heels, or the tall ones with flat shoes, the empire dress will be perfect for small breasts. Summer or winter, this dress is a simple piece that will be a complete outfit just for her, in the evening or during the day!

The straight dress from Actuelle

The shift dress from the Current collection will perfectly answer your "but what am I going to wear today?" “, which often causes panic before going to work. But with the latter, you will never again sit in front of your dressing room thinking for 30 minutes about what you are going to be able to wear, try on 5 different pants and 4 different sweaters, and never be satisfied. And yes, we all have days with it, and days without it… and the straight dress will be able to console this mental grayness of Monday morning (or Tuesday for that matter, you never know…). It will boost your self-confidence in no time and bring joy and light to your day.Buttoned on the front, it will give a touch of originality to your outfit.

The Actuelle Bodycon Dress

The sheath dress from Actuelle, is perfect for a romantic evening. What an eyeful! Both chic and refined, the tight dress hugs your curves to give you a structured and elegant silhouette. Long sleeves, three quarter sleeves or sleeveless, the possibilities are endless with the sheath dress!

Actuelle's long all-season dress

The long dress, in summer, in winter, with long or short sleeves, with flowers or ruffles, pleated or straight… the long dress will give you a relaxed bohemian look, utterly elegant in any situation: a stroll by the water or a picnic with friends? a pretty floral maxi dress will do the trick! Going out to a bar on a winter's evening? A long plain dress accessorized with a belt to mark the waist and a pretty leather perfecto will make you the queen of the evening! Do not hesitate any longer, the long dress is THE trend of the moment.Want to strike a happy medium? Opt for the asymmetrical dress, short in the front, and long in the back! Perfect with heels, it will dress you up for summer evenings or mid-season.

The short dress, the star product of this year's Actuelle collection

The short dress will reveal your legs winter and summer, and will go just as well with pretty boots as with trainers for a more casual but really popular ! Summer with spaghetti straps with easy-to-remove sandals for running in the sand when you get to the beach. See you there already!!!

The short dress is the star product of our Current collection this year. The Actuelle short dress will highlight you thanks to its modern style and its cut in tune with the times.How do you rock a quirky style with a simple short dress? By opting for the shirt of course! A fairly long shirt that will cover your thighs, combined with a thick belt to cinch it in and give you a casual preppy look, or with simple sandals for an afternoon at the beach. And for the little sexy touch, button your shirt dress without putting the sleeves on, and tie them in a knot in the front! Your man won't complain anymore because you stole him, we're sure of it...