Sweaters & Vests

The Women's SweaterAre you looking for a women's vest or sweater? Explore the new Actuel collection, women's ready-to-wear from 34 to 48. Free delivery from 60 € of purchase.The women's vestA women's vest is the perfect mix between a sweater and a small blouse or shirt! To remove or put back at any time of the day, this little piece of mesh, is still very practical.In the same way as a coat or a big winter sweater, the vest is also a mandatory and essential piece of the women's wardrobe.A long vest over a floral dress, a short vest adorned with jewelry buttons for the little touch of fantasy, the women's vest is the perfect piece to complete your outfit and keep you warm at the same time!The shapes: V-neck, long, short, round neck... with or without buttons each cut of Actuel vest will give a different tone to your look. A V-neck to reveal the extension of the neck and give an elegant side to your chest, a round collar for a girly side that will always please ...On the length side, we will choose a short vest to give a curved and adjusted side to your look. The cardigan, meanwhile, will give a more casual and loose style that can break a very BCBG look.The warm vest for women is no longer a simple garment that we put on simply to no longer be cold. No, it has become a real fashion piece, which allows you to embellish your outfit. And what could be better than different sleeve shapes and all more original than the others to transform this piece at first glance rather simple into a real cocooning mesh fetish of his dressing room?Long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, loose sleeves or close to the arms, not to mention the sleeveless vest, the vest has not said its last word at Actuel!And to delight the most undecided, we even have a reversible vest for the summer ... On one side, classic vest with buttons in front, and on the other, buttons in the back, very original and quirky touch of the outfit, which will bring all the feminine touch of your look.Perfect for spring mornings when it's cold in the morning, but much warmer in the afternoon... And in addition, you can put on two pieces instead of one, and that's great when you like to reveal your wardrobe in broad daylight and superimpose clothes.On a nice t-shirt or tank top in summer, on a shirt for a casual working girl side in winter, matched with denim jeans and boots, the vest has more than one trick up its sleeve and has not finished embellishing your outfits!The new trend is vests adorned with jewelry! Very pretty to create a girly and cute style, we will love it with a little jeans, white feminine sneakers, and voila.Finally, the oversize vest will go perfectly with a tight stocking, such as slim jeans or a small short skirt close to the body. The contrast will be perfect and you will be envious, word of woman!How do I choose my current sweater or vest according to my morphology?The right Actuel mesh for voluptuous shapesWe recommend a rather flexible sweater or vest that highlights you and creates a real style. Take a long mesh, the ideal length is under the buttocks. If you are tall, opt for a sweater and knee-length vest, it will swing you.For the sleeves, play the comfort card with kimono, bat or three-quarter sleeves.If you opt for a vest, so as not to break your look and style, wear the vest open. If you want to refine your look, we recommend avoiding knit vests that are too thick.The Actuel sweater and vest for slim silhouettesYou can afford everything, short, long, soft or large mesh, wool vests for women. Play with the mesh lengths, go from the bolero to the Actuel cardigan according to your desires and your outfits.Choosing the right current mesh for the little onesTHE golden rule to lengthen a silhouette is to emphasize your legs! We recommend short women's sweaters and vests from Actuel or those arriving under the buttocks.Short stitches may make you look smaller. A stylist's trick is to match the color of the mesh to its complete outfit.If you harmonize the color of your top with that of your pants or skirt, your silhouette becomes unified and your morphology lengthened.Which Actuel sweater and vest to wear when you are tall?If you're comfortable with your body, you can wear everything from long stitches to short stitches. If you prefer to reduce your size, bet on the Actuel long mesh, which hides the legs.Your pace seems less slender. Stylist tip, contrast the color of your knitwear with your skirt or pants and shoes. The horizontal cut-off effect will make you appear smaller. Women's sweaters, an important piece of your dressing roomWomen's sweaters in wool, knitwear, mohair, openwork, cashmere ... there is something for everyone!The wool/mohair sweater will keep you warm and wrap you in its soft material whenever you need it.In addition to playing on the material effects of Actuel sweaters, you can match your sweaters to all your outfits thanks to our wide range of colors.An unbleached openwork sweater, a sleeveless sweater, a cashmere sweater, a cardigan, a pretty V-neck, you have the choice according to your tastes!Level color, the basic but essential black will bring a touch of elegance to your look. For summer, pale blue, ecru, powder pink sweaters will give a soft and delicate note to your outfit: a light color!And printed women's sweaters, which we obviously do not forget! Perfect from small to large size, the print sweater will be very cute and elegant on you, with nice jeans, the outfit is complete, and perfect!