The Actuelle Pants

Pants are a strong part of a woman's wardrobe, they are essential and have become a classic for all women.

You will understand, the pants are a classic, they are the basis of our outfit and it will be perceived more or less studied and thoughtful depending on the choice of it... for a perfectly mastered working-girl look or a more casual look, trousers are the perfect solution when you want to feel good in your sneakers or on your heels, and comfortable at any time of the day .

The trousers have the advantage of giving any style to our outfit: casual with pretty feminine sneakers and an oversized sweater, more worked with a pair of black or camel ankle boots in winter, and the top of the top?

A pair of heels, closed for the cold days associated with a long coat, perfect look of the current woman who goes to work or for a relaxing evening in the restaurant.

And for the summer, a pretty pair of open-toed pumps, a white Actuelle blouse, and you're done!

Which Actuelle pants should I choose according to my morphology?

Not sure which Actuelle trousers to choose from our collection? Depending on your morphology, you will be spoiled for choice on

Can't decide between a wide leg or a slim fit? A high waist or a low waist? Our stylists can help you find the perfect Actuelle pants!

Your morphology is X or 8

To know if your morphology is X or 8, just look if your shoulders and your hips have the same width. With such a morphology, you can select any Actuelle, they will all make you look good!

Our team of stylists advises you to choose the high-waisted Actuelle pants, they mark your waist and highlight it. You can afford to wear pants, straight or wide jeans, they make you look good.

Are you petite and want to lengthen your silhouette? Choose the cigarette cut or the pleated trousers.

Your body type is in A

Hips wider than your shoulders? Our stylists advise you to rebalance your silhouette by bringing volume to your top and above all to mark your waist.

For this, we advise you to favor the range of straight-cut Actuelle trousers. A trick to draw the eye to your figure: go for dark pants and a colorful top. To avoid increasing and flattening your figure, avoid skinny, slim and 7/8 pants.

Your morphology is in V

Your shoulders are wider than your hips, our team of experts recommend the Actuelle pants that will give volume to your waist.

Bet on 7/8 cuts, carrots and Actuelle pants with visible pockets on the sides.

To guarantee you a harmonious silhouette, we do not recommend anything that is too close to the body, such as slim or skinny cuts.

Your body type is H

When you look at your shoulders, your waist and your hips, they are aligned, your morphology looks like an H. Your goal will be to create a size, more or less marked in marking your curves.

To mark your waist, the low-waisted, tight-fitting Actuelle pants will fully fulfill your wish. Current pants with pockets on the buttocks, will highlight them and give you volume.

However, baggy pants and high-waisted pants will not mark your waist enough.

Your morphology is O

You have rather a generous chest and some curves, your morphology is in 0. Our team of stylists advises you to draw attention to the top of your outfit and mark your waist .

You can wear tight-fitting Actuelle pants, rather dark in color, as well as high-waisted pants. When you wear high-waisted Actuelle pants, consider slimming the top of your figure by wearing an Actuelle t-shirt, for example.

The Current Pants Collection

For the greatest happiness of all and in order to delight each of your tastes, Actuelle pants are diverse and varied: cotton or linen pants, very light materials to wear for sweltering summer days.

Denim pants will be a simple, basic and effective piece, they are the number 1 piece in women's and men's wardrobes! It's up to you to choose its wash: raw, stone, black... but also in color with trendy colors! So easy day and night.

And to add a touch of originality to your outfit, dare to match flowing trousers with a close-fitting top. You can also find the chinos in cotton/elastane gabardine with its push-up effect... it's a strong piece of the Actuelle style! It will be available each season in a different color palette. To wear in 7/8 to show your ankles.

We particularly like high-waisted pants because they will have the advantage of highlighting your shapes and above all lengthening your silhouette. Skinny jeans remain a timeless part of the female wardrobe, but we will also dare to wear pretty straight pants that remain sober and relaxed to wear on any occasion, which will please everyone.

This shape is easy to wear and adapts to all body types. On the color side, autumnal tones are in the spotlight this winter, ecru, beige, black, camel, brown... and in summer, we dare to use soft and delicate colors, a water green, a blush pink, or even a pretty sky blue.

And to add a touch of originality to your outfit, why not dare to wear patterned pants? Less democratized than patterned tops, printed bottoms have not played their last card!

Houndstooth print, polka dot, micro-print, Prince of Wales check, graphic patterns, checks, Actuelle will make you take the leap into printed pants. Provoking interesting optical effects, printed pants are ideal for modifying your figure.

Take out your most beautiful plain mohair wool sweater (yes plain, of course, you can't go wrong wearing a patterned top and bottom…), or a top with spaghetti straps for the summer, and your outfit is finished, validated!

Almost all of our pants contain elastane, a flexible and ultra-stretch material for maximum comfort! This material keeps the shape even after stretching and remains super resistant. You'll feel comfortable in pants containing elastane, you'll almost forget you're wearing one!