The Actuelle Skirt

A skirt is chic, it's cute, it's elegant, it's a bit of everything at the same time. With a sweater and tights in winter, a nice short-sleeved top and sandals in summer, the skirt is the essential element of any wardrobe.

And we are lucky, there are all types, for all morphologies and for all tastes. Long or short skirt (not to mention their intermediate skirt, the midi skirt, this season's key piece), veiled, pleated, straight... a little skirt for every occasion!

What kinds of skirts can I find at Actuelle?

Actuelle dresses all sizes and all women. Depending on your morphology, you will find what you are looking for in the new Actuelle skirt collection.

There are a lot of styles and shapes of skirts, which you can put on in summer, winter or mid-season.

The Actuelle midi skirt, this season's star product

The midi length skirt, oh the famous! Very fashionable for some time, the Actuelle "midi" length skirt is THE essential piece of our dressing room in summer and winter alike. Between short skirt and long skirt, the midi skirt knows how to adapt to all seasons and all occasions.

We like it with polka dots or flowers in summer, plain black for a classic chic look in winter, always light and elegant. The midi skirt is a way to adapt to the season while prolonging the summer a little... you can see the shoes there, and not quite the calves, it's a perfect balance for those who like to reveal themselves in refined way.

The Actuelle midi skirt will accompany you on a daily basis. Wearing sneakers, the Actuelle midi skirt will give you a casual look, with heeled sandals, it will make you irresistible. It will be perfect worn high waisted and skater.

The pencil skirt, a basic of the Actuelle collection

Are you more of a teampencil skirtfor a chic and elegant look? Perfect for alternating between a day at the office and an evening at the restaurant alone or with friends, the Actuelle straight skirt will arouse many envious admirers. Worn forever, this skirt has the audacity to give you a kind of femme fatale or great intellectual. This piece with character will give you a sensual or studious style, depending on the image you want to convey. What we do know is that she hasn't finished inspiring us!

The Actuelle Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt Current meanwhile, has become an essential part of the modern woman's wardrobe. Able to adapt to all morphologies, it will delight both the roundest and the thinnest.

Mini, maxi or midi pleated, there's something for everyone! To wear with white and skater trainers for a trendy look to associate with a sweater for a sportswear look or a loose t-shirt. And a bohemian look with a pair of camel suede ankle boots!

Velvet skirt from Actuelle

Current velvet skirt: to be worn mainly in winter for a very seventies look! The velvet skirt has a very comfortable and cozy side that we will love to wear to make our day sweeter.

Who says you can't wear a skirt in winter without getting cold? The Actuelle velvet skirt is surely the best alternative for women who want to feel pretty and well dressed while being warm and stylish!

It's not just pants in winter, so don't bother putting on the ski suit. For its maintenance, be sure to wash it well and iron it inside out! The high-waisted Actuelle velvet skirt is the ally of large sizes, it sheaths the belly, erases love handles and lengthens the line.

The Actuelle short skirt, the star piece of your wardrobe

The Actuelle short skirt can be worn with absolutely everything! We love it light and flowery in summer, with pretty sandals with or without heels, and a top with straps, not to mention an Actuelle mini-skirt matched with an Actuelle sweater or an Actuelle blouse in winter.

The little extra? On a plain Actuelle skirt, opt for patterned tights such as polka dots to add a little pep and originality to your outfit! A pair of black boots, and you're done!

With a short skirt, you can create all the styles you dream of: very effective working girl side with a small suit jacket and black or camel ankle boots or a casual look with a chunky knit sweater to cocoon you all day long.

How about a more assertive style with black thigh-high boots or even a more preppy style with a little short Actuelle skirt with checks or a houndstooth pattern in tweed? What is certain is that the short skirt will bring out your femininity and can be worn with everything, everywhere. The Actuelle short skirt is the essential piece of your wardrobe. And you can choose it plain or printed, it will suit you perfectly.

Leather skirt from Actuelle

Want to rock the look? The Actuelle leather skirt is your best friend! Obviously, if we wear a leather skirt, we will drop the perfecto or any other leather element (or imitation, obviously) that could load up our look and give us a biker style from head to toe, which we do not don't want at all.

The Actuelle leather skirt has once again become a must-have in recent years. Combined with an Actuelle blouse or an Actuelle blouse with animal print, polka dots or even a pretty oversized knit sweater, you will have a timeless piece that we all love. Complete your outfit with a long coat for the colder days, and voila… Back to the 70s!

The Actuelle denim skirt, a timeless part of your wardrobe

In summer as in winter, the denim skirt is timeless! Sneakers or sandals, tights or not, the skirt in a skirt is an ultra easy piece to wear. It will give a casual style to your look, and will adapt to all occasions: at work, in the restaurant, in town or at the sea... it has not left us since the playground, and we have good reason not to. not let go.

In light denim for summer and dark for winter, the denim skirt is a precious ally in your wardrobe. It will be perfect with boots, waders, and of course sneakers. It will go very well with a white Actuelle t-shirt in summer, an Actuelle knit sweater for winter... we told you, the Actuelle denim skirt has not said its last word!