Women's jacket

Jackets are the perfect pieces to complete an outfit. In spring, the Actuelle jacket is worn lightly over your outfit. When the season cools down, wear the jacket over a sweater or a dress to make your outfit more sophisticated, more working girl.

The Actuelle jacket, the chameleon garment in your wardrobe

On the one hand, we have the timeless and timeless classics: the black leather perfecto, the suedette biker jackets, the denim-style jacket... and on the other, the little extras that give your outfit the original side and that says a lot about your style. With a pretty suit jacket on jeans, you will be the most beautiful for your days at work, for your evenings at the restaurant with friends or for a day shopping in town. The leather perfecto will be ideal for any occasion, provided you accessorize it well! So, what are we going to choose for jackets today?

The Actuelle biker jacket: masculine to feminine

The Perfecto Actuelle imitation leather or suede is one of the timeless jackets in your wardrobe!

The leather perfecto no longer has the reputation that we once gave it, that is to say that of a biker, exclusively reserved for men. The Actuelle biker jacket is the key masculine piece in your wardrobe.

Indeed, this garment has shown that it has not finished making your head spin, and today, the leather spirit perfecto has become an essential for all women. We'll love it with blue jeans, a pretty white print t-shirt, casual sneakers. We will also love it with a little dress with flowers or ruffles and little boots in winter, a very cute look that will make many people envious! As you will have understood, the faux leather or suede jacket will go with everything (or almost) and will give you a rock look that we love!

The simplicity of the Actuelle suit jacket

The suit jacket is a strong asset of every wardrobe, every woman will be flamboyant and elegant once the suit jacket is on. This piece that has character will dress you up for any occasion in an elegant and versatile way. Depending on its color, material and cut (straight or fitted), the suit jacket will make you a strong and confident woman. This piece will structure your silhouette and with it, you will immediately be well dressed! What do you wear to match it? Jeans and sneakers will give you a chic and relaxed look, while the matching tailored pants and black or colored pumps give you a more classic, more professional style.

Actuelle suit jackets are the ultimate sexy touch to your outfit.

The denim jacket, a timeless

The Actuelle denim jacket, always present in wardrobes, timeless and timeless! Fitted or in a loose version, the denim jacket has more than one trick up its sleeve and has something to amaze you. She goes through the years without ever getting older, and that's why we love her! And we like to wear it new or damaged by time and trials. In our wardrobes since our teens, in different shapes and colors, it's the perfect mid-season jacket that goes with everything. Depending on your morphology, we will like the very loose or oversized denim jacket for generous women with chest or for a trendy look! Or a fairly fitted and close-fitting denim jacket for a more structured effect. Raw, stone or colored denim jacket: the choice is yours! Whichever jacket you choose, it will be essential to complete your outfit and put the finishing touch. This is the piece that will define your style.

Sleeveless jacket for women

The trend of recent seasons is obviously and without question, the sleeveless jacket!
Whether in denim, quilted, plain or patterned, the sleeveless jacket is perfect for mid-season, as summer approaches with a pretty white blouse underneath or as summer approaches. in winter with a little colorful sweater, which will perfectly replace the coat and bring a touch of originality to your outfit while finalizing your look in a perfect way.

Winter jacket for women

The jacket for women in winter is a major highlight of the look, adding the finishing touch to your outfit. Dare to wear a faux fur sleeveless jacket over a sweater or blouse, paired with white jeans and ankle boots in the same tones as your fur jacket for an absolutely perfect color reminder!

Women's mid-season jacket

There can be so many possibilities for a mid-season women's jacket: a sleeveless jacket, a denim jacket, an English embroidery jacket... you have many possibilities that come with or without patterns, with or without sleeves. , these pieces allow you to play with the styles according to your desires according to the season and the weather.