The brand

Bordeaux, 1960s

In the heart of the textile district, a dressmaking workshop was born, run by a handful of seamstresses. In the midst of this commotion, a little boy. The workshop is his universe. Buttons of all colors, fabric coupons and tangled spools are her favorite toys.

It is from this passion that a vocation is born.

couture machine industrielle en 1960
patte graphique Anne charlotte promarkeurs

10 years later, he joined the family business. He discovered the curves of the silhouettes, the softness of the fabrics and the precision of the stitches. He then sketched his first designs. A know-how that has been passed down for two generations and that continues to this day.

The flame still shines today and now has a name: Actuelle.

This period of prosperity was punctuated by numerous trips to all continents, trips that were to be sources of inspiration for him.

Actuelle, a French women’s clothing brand that combines European style with influences from around the world, to create trendy and unique collections.

It is here, in Bordeaux, city of elegance and modernity that a team of passionate designers imagines feminine creations that will now all be made in Europe, to meet the expectations of modern and refined women. Women’s clothing brands are numerous, but Actuel stands out for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, as well as its online sales to offer easy access to all women.

The woman of today, Actuelle above all.

pont de pierre bordeaux la Garonne