Blouses & Shirts

Blouses and Shirts

The women's Blouses & Shirts comes in all weathers and all seasons in the Actuelle collection: in winter with a jacket over it and trendy skinny jeans, and in summer with a skirt or shorts for evenings out in the fresh air.

The idea for beautiful days? A floral print blouse that will give freshness to your look, to match with high-waisted jeans or boyfriend, very fashionable.

How do I choose an Actuelle blouse/shirt that fits my body type?

Whether you are tall or short, thin or with curves, the blouse & shirt is the ideal garment, it fits everyone and can be worn at any age.

The blouse matches your entire wardrobe. You want to wear it for a chic event, associated with a skirt, it makes its little effect. You want a more casual style, your blouse will be worn flowing over skinny jeans.

On the other hand, you want an original style, wear a petticoat with your blouse and you'll make a statement with your bohemian style.

The Actuelle women's blouse in large size is the ideal piece of your wardrobe if you have small curves at the level of the stomach and hips. Your Actuelle blouse, loose and wispy, will conceal your waist.

Actuelle's blouses dress all women, big and small, and fit all body types, from petite to tall.

What blouses & shirts can I find at Actuelle?

In the Actuelle collection, you'll be spoilt for choice on the different styles you can wear that will make you look your best.

The women's lavaliere blouse in the Actuelle collection

The Actuelle lavaliere blouse, will give a very preppy look to your outfit. Perfect for women who want to give themselves a working girl style at all hours, not just at work... close to the bow tie worn by men, the blouse with the lavaliere collar has been reinvented to come back in force in our wardrobes and modernize.

This collar brings a touch of softness while keeping a serious side to your outfit, and thus has become the must-have item for any modern woman in the office. The lavaliere blouse is the trendy product of the Current collection.

The Actuelle high neck blouse

The Actuelle blouse with long sleeves and a high neckline, is perfect for a sophisticated look. A must-have in your wardrobe, this piece allows you to look elegant in any occasion.

Rising collars can be worn on all occasions, formal or very casual, it has become a classic today, and what could be more original than wearing it as a blouse, and not as a sweater as is often the case? Lighter, the Actuelle blouse will give a more relaxed style to your outfit.

What Actuelle women's blouse to choose between the V-neck and the round neck?

In the Actuelle collection, you'll be spoilt for choice between V-neck blouses and shirts and the one with a round neck.

V-neck or round neck, what to choose?

A V-neck will allow you to wear necklaces, chokers and necklaces, and will show your neck, a very feminine part of the body, and give a mysterious side to your chest.The V-neckline is perfect for generous breasts as it will highlight your figure. Depending on your morphology, the Actuelle V-neck blouse will enhance your figure by lengthening it.Elegant and sober, the V-neck of the Actuelle blouse with long or short sleeves will make you sensual without revealing too much.The round neckline, for its part, will be perfect for small breasts as well as for larger ones, it will open up the neck and balance the silhouette, which is ideal if you want to show off your upper body.All you need to remember in short is that no matter what collar you choose, you will always look pretty and elegant in a blouse.You can get away with anything with the Actuelle women's blouse

The plain blouse, what do we say? A classic piece in any wardrobe, the plain blouse, fluid and casual or close to the body, with long or short sleeves, allows you to sublimate a more "marked" piece at the bottom: vertical striped pants, or an animal print midi skirt, for example.

Yes, who said prints were only for the tops of the outfit? Who said originality was in the clothes? Complete your more "classic" outfit with necklaces, a belt to mark the waist, hoop earrings and a hat, and you've got the look of today's bubbly woman!


On the print side, there's something for everyone: animal print for a wild and sensual side, floral to give yourself a very cute and feminine country look, polka dots, stripes... the print blouse is the perfect piece to give your outfit a finished and very feminine look. No need for more, all out accessories, the print blouse speaks for itself.

Embroidery anglaise is very trendy on blouses (but on lots of other pieces too, dresses for example), it is the promise of a timeless and timeless piece.

Giving a romantic bohemian look to your outfit, it will be perfect in summer as well as in winter. In small touches on the sleeves, or on a whole piece, the broderie anglaise will know how to give an elegant and refined side to your look.

To break the too elegant-romantic style, we will associate jeans and white sneakers, and if we really want to stay in the country look, we will put a blouse in broderie anglaise with a small plain skirt. At Actuelle, broderie anglaise is a must in your wardrobe! And on a sleeveless blouse, we'll love embroidery details on the bottom of the piece.

Sequins, sequins, sequins!

At a family dinner, or a Valentine's Day meal to impress your lover or just for fun any time of year, we always love it when it shines! Some blouses are made with a material base with a lurex thread or a glittery screen print to sublimate a print or to embellish a plain one!

So watch out for the eyes!!!