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Publié le 27 February 2023

Be attractive with a skirt

Be attractive with a skirt

How to be attractive with a skirt ? There are several ways to wear a skirt, depending on its morphology, clothing style; There are many factors that come into play. The ways to be seductive with fashion pieces are multiple, but the skirt remains a must. If you want to wear a skirt to be seductive, our current fashion experts give you their best advice through this article.  

Shooting model wearing ecru bohemian short skirt with khaki lurex topChoose the skirt that ticks all your criteria

The material

When choosing a skirt, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First of all, opt for a quality fabric. You want something that is comfortable to wear, you can choose viscose, which is a very light material, or satin. For thicker fabrics, velvet, jeans or suede is ideal. Our Actuel collection offers a wide choice of skirts, enough to find your happiness.  

The cup

The length and cut of the skirt are also important. If you are small, you can choose to wear the mini-skirt, this cut allows you to highlight your legs and stretch them. On the other hand, if you are tall, prefer long skirts or those that arrive below the knee. Split skirts also perfectly highlight the large legs and bring a seductive side. Regarding your silhouette, to sublimate your curves, straight cuts or trapezoids are the most suitable, but ruffles are to be avoided, because they add volume. Trapezius skirts are suitable for all morphologies. To mark your hips, if your figure is drawn like an hourglass, high-waisted skirts are your flagship cut. Midi skirt, mini skirt, pencil, you can wear many different cuts! Finally, if you are in H, avoid marking your size and opt for simpler couples like long split skirts.


For a seductive look in a skirt, all colors are allowed. You can opt for fairly sober but elegant shades such as black, beige or the timeless navy blue, but also for patterns. What will make your outfit attractive in a skirt is how you wear the pieces and how you would highlight them.  

The different skirt models

When it comes to skirts, you have several types to choose from. Here are some style tips for each type of skirt.
  • Pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are perfect for more formal occasions or simply when you want to wear a more sober and elegant style. Blazer or shirt for a chic look and loose t-shirt or sweater, for a more casual style. To add a little fantasy, add a colorful belt or a pair of original earrings.
  • Long skirts. Long skirts are perfect for a more casual look. The length and fluidity of the skirt make it easy to wear during the day or evening. To keep a casual look, pair the skirt with a t-shirt or tank top. To dress it, add a pair of heels and a necklace.
  • Wallet skirts. Heart cover skirts are perfect for creating a stylish look. To stay classic, pair the skirt with a blouse or button-down shirt. To add a little fantasy, add a belt or a pair of original earrings. You can also dress it up with a t-shirt or sweater.

Accessorize your skirt

When it comes to accessorizing a skirt, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Above all, choose accessories that match the color and style of the skirt. If you wear a skirt with bright patterns or colors, you can opt for more sober accessories, such as a pair of small earrings or a delicate necklace. For a skirt with more neutral colors, more whimsical accessories will suit your outfit perfectly. Also think about the size of the accessories. If you wear a miniskirt, you can opt for small and delicate accessories. If you wear a long skirt, you can opt for larger and bolder accessories.   Skirts are a great way to be seductive and stylish. When choosing a skirt, consider fabric, color, length and fit. Also think about how you will accessorize the skirt. There are different types of skirts, such as pencil skirts, long skirts and heart cover skirts. When looking for the perfect skirt, think of something that fits your body shape and is comfortable to wear. Now you know all our secrets to wearing a skirt and being attractive with it!

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