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Publié le 07 February 2022

The most beautiful for Valentine’s Day

Love's day is coming up and you haven't found your outfit to celebrate Love with a capital A yet? Don't panic, our Actuelle fashion experts share with you all their tips to be at the top, elegant and modern for a successful Valentine's Day party!

I take out the glitter

If we associate the color red with love, it remains however difficult to wear. So, our Actuelle fashion experts suggest several outfits that celebrate love and will make you even more beautiful and trendy.


The Current Idea

Lurex mesh wrap dress Salomé

This beautiful sequined dress is a real trendy piece that finds its place in your dressing room and even more so during your Valentine's Day party. You will be sublimated by the cut of this flattering and delicate dress.


I recycle!

An evening dress, it does not necessarily run all the closets. But with a bit of brainstorming, you realize that there may be a party outfit just waiting to be re-worn. A few months ago, we celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve, so you must have a festive outfit in your dressing room ! Evening or party outfits can't be worn on every occasion: birthdays or romantic evenings are a perfect time to bring out your best outfits.

The Current Idea

The 3/4 Sleeve Straight Dress with Lisa Pea Print

A delicate and trendy dress with a straight cut that reveals your pretty gams with style. The polka dot print exudes a modernity without equal. Like Aurélia, our model, wear high boots to enhance your legs!

I play the originality card

Because it's possible to be feminine without showing off your legs, our Actuelle fashion experts suggest you adopt a chic look in pants or shorts. Don't be prejudiced, a less feminine outfit can be just as trendy and refined. We recommend pairing a plain or patterned bottom, depending on your taste, and elevating your look with simple top pieces, like a flowing white tee, topped with a blazer. Finish off your look with a handbag or clutch, jewelry-type accessories and especially a pair of trendy shoes. Court shoes, boots, ankle boots... You have a lot of choices: note that your comfort must come first! With your outfit, a pair of extravagant or colored shoes will embellish you, give you character, while bringing to your look modernity and style.

The Current Idea

Kurt High Waist Elasticated Imitation Leather Shorts

Our imitation leather shorts are a must-have piece in her wardrobe. Worn, these shorts give you a sexy and modern look, as they reveal your legs and give you a sophisticated style.


You now have all the keys to make your Valentine's Day look brighter for your romantic evening. Don't worry, there is no such thing as a perfect date night, the important thing is to enjoy and have a good time. So whether it's a romantic meal in a restaurant, at home, a movie night, a walk in the city or just a Netflix night, enjoy the evening with your other half!

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