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Publié le 16 July 2021

How to wear the midi skirt?

Have you ever tried to put on a midi skirt and looked in the mirror and noticed that something was wrong? You can't figure out what the problem is, but the look doesn't suit you. If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. We will reveal the secrets of the style of a midi skirt and how to wear it. But before approaching the different possibilities of wearing the midi skirt, let's talk about the ideal midi skirt for your morphology.

The different types of midi skirts

Among the different types of midi skirts, our favorite model, by far, is the pleated midi skirt. These skirts are pleasant to wear, feminine and elegant. We can wear in everyday life. Then there are the satin midi skirts that are rather sexy. They are perfect for an outing or a date. We also find the midi skirts with ruffles and midi skirts portfolio. Midi skirts with ruffles have too much volume and are unbalanced with the rest of the outfit. Wallet midi skirts require constant monitoring to make sure nothing flies off or opens, which is not very practical.  

Color and patterns of the midi skirt Actuelle

As far as colors are concerned, the safest ones are nude,blacklight pink, navy and silver/gold. These shades will allow you to sport many looks with the same skirt. If you're feeling daring, I recommend going for bold prints and elaborate details, especially during the holiday season. Lecks are always in style; you can experiment with colors and sizes. The printersFlowery prints are always in fashion, don't be shy about it. The polka dots are original and add a nice touch to your outfit. They are always fashionable, cool, stylish and fun to wear.

3 rules to know to wear the midi skirt Actuelle

Rule #1: choose a fun little top that you tuck into your pleated skirt.

I often see a beautiful midi skirt covered by a top. The proportions are immediately distorted. The outfit looks messy, without definition or form. So tuck in that t-shirt, shirt, top, sweater, etc. You want to accentuate the waist to create a figure 8.

Rule #2: Opt for tight-fitting, short clothing.

If you hate tucking in a top, opt for a fitted crop top. A short shirt or cardigan that stops just at your waist. But I suggest wearing a tank top or t-shirt underneath for a polished look.

Rule #3: Tuck an oversized piece in the front.

If you're a fan of bulky tops, try to tuck them in at least in the front. The ideal would be to fit everything in your skirt. But if your sweater is too bulky, tuck it in the front, loosening the fabric slightly, so it drapes nicely. The secret of all these rules is simple: you have to define and accentuate the waist above all to wear a midi skirt well. Even if you don't have a small waist, the emphasis on your waist will create the illusion of a feminine figure 8. All this will create a harmony of shapes in your outfit, and you will finally be comfortable with your midi skirt. Now that you know how to wear the midi skirt, get yours out of the closet and dare to wear it. Accessorize your skirt with our Actuelle belts to highlight your waist whether you are slim or round. The principle of fashion is to try and test everything so that you look your best every day. Discover all the Actuelle skirts in our dressing room.  

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