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Publié le 16 July 2021

How to wear a floral print?

Floral prints, paired with the right accessories and outerwear, are easy to wear to ease the winter and fall gloom and are reliable style options throughout the spring and summer. While a floral print is great in theory, the truth is that it can be difficult to wear and match. The floral patterns are vibrant and colorful. What is the best color to bring out? How to choose your shoes or accessories? The following tips will give you an overview of how to wear floral prints.

How to choose a floral print?

There is a vast collection of floral prints in the Actuelle dressing room. It is essential to choose one that is flattering and in your style. Small or large flowers, spaced or close together, with or without vines or clusters of flowers, and in what color palette? The choices are endless. One thing to note about color is that often the print will lean towards a particular side of the color chart, from red, blue, black to pastels, dark, glossy, metallic, and more. This slant is the background color of the pattern. Consider that large flowers are more flattering to smaller sizes. We don't recommend oversized floral patterns for shapely women, as they can add a few visual pounds to your figure. Smaller flowers and floral patterns give more of a solid color feel and are suitable for medium to large bodies. If you have a slim to medium build, look for a balance between large floral and small patterns. If you're not sure if the pattern is flattering, try breaking it up with a belt or trendy scarf. Also think about the background color of your floral dress. White backgrounds that display bright and sunny inspired flowers are ideal for hiding shapes. Darker backgrounds give you a tighter, more streamlined look and the illusion of being thinner.

How to accessorize a floral print?

Floral prints are very feminine, but your floral garment is a strong piece. So it can be difficult to pair your floral prints with accessories that add to your look instead of detracting from it.

Accessorize your current outfit with jewelry

Since floral prints tend to have bright, flashy colors, pairing them with bright, colorful jewelry is a faux pas. Accessorize a floral dress with delicate, subtle and simple pieces. A flashy piece of jewelry can distract from your print and clash with its vivid tones. It is best to opt for simple earrings, a thin chain with a small pendant or a delicate locket and a light bracelet. The golden rule is that less is more. Keep your jewelry simple and classic.

What shoes to wear with a floral dress?

Shoes can make or break your floral outfit. For these floral prints, especially, those with a bold or dark background palette, avoid wearing matching floral print shoes. Your dress is the highlight of your outfit, your shoes can complete it. You can match your shoes to the dominant color either by putting on shoes of the strong color of your outfit or by opting for a complementary color. You want a more sober look? Wear your floral print with neutral sandals, wedges or stilettos. You can also choose one of the subdued shades of your floral print and match it with the color of your shoes. Another bold idea is to pair your floral print with all-black accessories. By adding black accessories such as black stilettos or black studded flats or a belt and a black shoulder bag, you create an alluring mix of chic and rock style.

Which handbags to wear with a flower dress Actuelle?

A great tip is to choose a bag that matches the most dominant color of your floral print. If you think this tip will make your ensemble too garish, tone it down with a neutral bag in primary colors like blue, black, white, beige or brown. If your floral print is only two colors, think outside the box and opt for a handbag in a contrasting color.

How to wear a belt on an Actuelle flower dress?

A belt is an accessory that can bring a lot of contrast and a touch of color to your floral print. A belt can give your outfit a real edge. The belt can highlight your morphology. For example, a black and white floral dress works just as well with a belt of any color, with blue and red being very attractive options. On the other hand, if you have a multi-colored print, choose one of the colors of your floral print and make it stand out with your belt. Let loose and play with accessories to embellish your flower dress. Find our range of accessories and have fun matching them with your Actuelle flower dress.  

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