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Publié le 18 May 2022

How to highlight your assets?

You want to highlight your assets?
Discover without further delay all the tips from Actuelle's fashion experts to enhance your assets and be seductive in any occasion.

Know your morphology

Before knowing how to emphasize your assets, you must know your morphology. Indeed, it will allow you to select with care your clothes to be attractive and elegant.

Low Cut Bootcut Jeans

An A-shaped morphology

How to recognize an A shape? It's easy, the A shape means that your hips are wider than your shoulders. The size of your top is often smaller than your bottom? If this morphology is yours, don't panic! The A shape is one of the most common shapes for women and can be styled very easily. Here are some tips to enhance your A-line silhouette. It is important to structure your upper body with epaulets or structured jackets . Don't forget the accessories that can counterbalance your silhouette. For the bottom, think of pants and jeans bootcut type pants and jeans, tight at the top and flared at the bottom.

Current advice

Opt for our bootcut jeans low cut jeans. With its high waist, it sublimates your silhouette to perfection.

A V-shaped morphology

Unlike the A shape, the V shape is characteristic of figures where the shoulders are wider than the hips. Specific to sportswomen, especially swimmers, this silhouette is highlighted by wide cuts for the bottom as skater skirts or baggy pants. For the top, turn to feminine pieces with flattering necklines . It will be necessary to avoid tops which mark too much your carrure as the bustiers or the backs swimmers.

Current advice

The thin top and wide pants combo is particularly effective for V-shaped figures. You will love the available models of our new collection .

An H-shaped morphology

How do you know if you have an H-shaped figure? It's pretty easy to find out, just check the alignment between your shoulders and hips. If these are of the same size and your waist is not very marked, you have an H-shaped body. To emphasize this morphology, several tricks exist. Straight cut pants and skirts help you structure your figure and are therefore invaluable allies in feeling feminine and attractive. Fluid materials are a must if you have an H-shaped silhouette. Avoid marking your hips as much as possible, it would only increase them and would not be flattering for your silhouette.

Current advice

Fall for this pretty dress imagined by the experts of Mode Actuelle which will perfectly emphasize your forms and your silhouette in H.

An X-shaped morphology

The X shape is one of the most coveted! The hourglass shape is characterized by evenly aligned shoulders and hips and a pronounced waist. This morphology is very advantageous because it allows you to wear almost everything. The thin waist is the main asset of this silhouette, do not hesitate to to emphasize it !

Current advice

The pantsuit flatters the figure nicely and offers a timeless style. X-shaped body types will be enhanced in size-marked ensembles like this jumpsuit.

A morphology in 8

A variation of the X-shaped morphology, the 8-shaped morphology offers the same advantages with more shape and curve. This gives you a more feminine silhouette. Think about structuring and cinching your silhouette to make it irresistible. Pieces that are too baggy may weigh down your figure unnecessarily.

Current advice

The dresses that combine necklines and marked size are assets for your style and will emphasize your silhouettes. The experts of Mode Actuelle have selected a very trendy piece that fits perfectly to the figure 8.

An O-shaped morphology

The O shape is reserved for curvy women. If you want to emphasize your assets, prefer dresses and feminine cuts such as necklines. Prefer the square collars which will break the forms a little too generous. Finally, avoid patterns and shiny materials that mark and do not enhance your silhouette.

Current advice

Fall for tops with square-cut tops that enhance your harmonious silhouette, like this top with straps and ruffles.

Other tips to highlight your assets

What clothes to wear to look good?

How to dress with style? That's the question we all ask ourselves! Go for the chic must-have style and to stand out effortlessly, choose a jacket or blazer over it. The blazer will complement a pretty blouse, such as a fitted or flowing blouse.

What to do when you don't know how to dress?

We need to keep it simple and efficient. Recreate a usual look or a favorite look. One of the simplest techniques is to create basic outfits that can be repeated over and over again.

How to learn to dress better?

To be well dressed, it is also necessary to know how to balance colors and compose harmonious outfits. Elegance is often synonymous with balance and sobriety. To avoid an excess of colors, Actuelle's fashion experts advise you to combine one or two basic shades (white, black, navy blue, beige, etc.) with a stronger shade.

How to look good when you're short?

If you are short, the trick is to wear clothes that are generally short. Short skirts, crop tops with high-waisted skinny jeans, cropped jackets, etc. These pieces will make you look great and you will be elegant and feminine in any occasion.

What kind of pants for the little ones?

For a slim silhouette, choose the classic long bootcut jean slim fit to wear with long skinny suits, straight pants, vertical stripes and slim fit shorts. The ideal models are long pants with a slim and slim fit, as opposed to 7/8 or cropped pants that cut into your silhouette. Another option? Matching pants. Thanks to the seams, stitching and vertical lines, it gives the illusion of endless legs.

How to look big when you are small?

As mentioned above, one thing you can easily do to elongate your figure is to wear clothes with vertical lines. This will visually lengthen the body, legs and arms. Wear dark colors To look taller, you need dark colors as opposed to light colors that flatten the figure.

Another tip: match the color of the pants with the color of the shoes for the illusion of longer legs.

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