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Publié le 10 January 2022

How to prepare the sales on the internet?

Sales are a highlight for any fashionista, whether online or in-store. On site or on the internet, you must be prepared to find the best pieces and make the best deals. Today, we give you all our tips and advice so that you can prepare the sales on the Internet. Choice, budget, list... our Actuelle experts will guide you to find the best items online during this sale period. Anticipate your shopping budget, sort through your possessions before you splurge on new pieces. Do you really need a new little black dress? Would that new pair of ultra-fashionable shoes you've been eyeing for a few weeks match your style? So many questions to address before going shopping online or in person. sales-actual

If you are shopping in a store

Every year, the sales period is a landmark event that is always highly anticipated! The websites and stores on site prepare well in advance to offer you the best pieces at the best price. The available discounts are usually head-turning but beware of false bargains! Actuelle offers you all the tips and advice to take advantage of the winter sales during this period, in order to find the best sales and promotions. The stock of products and clothing is generally limited and the quantities and discounts available are not necessarily interesting at the beginning of the sales. Wait for the markdowns in the following weeks! Are you ready to mingle with the crowds of shoppers in the stores? But did you know that sales are not prepared on the first day? The beginning of this period for stores has been going on for several months but for customers looking for bargains, this period requires preparation. How to make the most of the sales and find the best offers and promotions? Our Actuelle fashion experts share all their tips, tricks and secrets.

Anticipate the sale

First, a few days before the start of the sale, make plans to scout the area. Make sure that the parts you are looking for are still available. What could be more annoying than to fall for clothes that are no longer available on the first day of the promotion period?

If you do your sales on the Internet

If you choose to do your sales online, try to discover your favorite items in store. If possible, you can easily check the quality, size and color of your product. Shopkeepers welcome you, don't hesitate to go to a store to do some shopping. This will make it easier for you to project yourself by trying on the clothes, which you can't do online. This way, you will be able to make your purchases a few days later and take advantage of the best promotions while staying at home and avoiding the crowd of customers during the sales period. If you can't come to the store or if there is no physical store, you should definitely consult the size guide before selecting your pieces. This is a small exercise to do before you make your purchase, to avoid wasting time at the beginning of the offers. If you are already familiar with the brand, trust yourself and your size, unless the product sheet mentions a difference for the particular item.

Don't forget the delivery!

That's it, the dress you spotted is available, you finalize the purchase and you already have your plans for future looks with it. Remember that websites have a delivery time, so your style will have to wait a little while. Beware of private sales websites that have very long delivery times: you can order winter items that will be delivered at the beginning of the summer!

Resist the temptation of the new collection

Beware of shopping temptations! The merchants are very strong, with great communication, they easily direct you to the new products. Avoid as much as possible the new products and the new collection departments. But if the temptation is too strong, don't get frustrated and make the purchase. Your style will thank you. current-sales

Beware of scams

Every year, brands trick themselves into selling clothes that are stamped "sold out" but are actually items at seemingly attractive prices. How to recognize them? It is often complicated to recognize the products put online or on the shelves especially for the sales. Regulations prohibit brands from using this practice, but these products are still regularly found on the shelf or in stores. Do not hesitate to consult the website of the Ministry of Economy which lists all the tips and guides you with their sound advice.   You have all the keys to make the best selection for your special sale. Your shopping budget and your organization should be respected in order to enjoy the best without depriving yourself and getting frustrated! Don't forget the markdowns and follow the communication of your favorite brands, in order to benefit from an additional promo code for example! Find all the Actuelle fashion selection, selected for you by our experts and enjoy the items at very low prices.

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