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Publié le 02 March 2022

How to wear your underwear ?

In this year 2022, the trend of over and under lingerie is increasing, as it brings a modern, classy and sexy side. Many celebrities are following the over and under trend by wearing underwear as outerwear. The famous singer Rihanna, as well as Sofia Richie, Emily Ratajkowski are stars who regularly follow this super sexy trend. Lingerie is becoming more and more confused with clothes, to the point that our underwear becomes apparent and essential on our outfits.

Want to adopt this trendy and chic look? Team Actuelle shares with you its advice on how to apply this trend without getting naked.

How to wear visible lingerie?

There are several tips tohighlight our visible lingerie. From the masculine blazer, the XXL shirt (very trendy) to the transparent blouse, there is a large number of accessories and outfits to successfully match your clothes with a bra, a bodysuit, a bra or a camisole. Team Actuelle sets the tone and offers examples to reveal the femininity in you.

Some lace bras with a wide, high-coverage upper chest shape are created to stick out from your regular clothes. This can work with a sweater, t-shirt, shirt... that you drop over your shoulder. You'll look even sexier after this tip and depending on the outfit you wear. Beware! Don't show all of your lingerie, but just a part of it to find a balance between the top and bottom.

Another example, the nightie becomes a dress now. Some of us do not hesitate to wear their nighties with a vest or a camisole as a tank top. Indeed, some covering babydolls (not transparent) are used as light dresses. The camisole is often accompanied by jeans and a suit jacket to show the details of the lace.

An idea from our experts Actuelle

jacket-tailor-flowered-actualYou can easily enhance a white bodysuit with this beautiful floral print suit jacket especially in summer.

The jacket and bodysuit set is very trendy, because you mix a sexy piece with a chic suit jacket.

A pair of jeans or modern pants, accompanied by a pair of sneakers simple enough color (white for example), will ideally accompany the underwear trend.

It is also trendy to match your suit jacket with a skirt matching your bodysuit, to play the total chic and modern look.



What colors for her lingerie under white?

We usually realize it too late, but the choice of underwear, especially when wearing white, must be a priority! The choice of the color of her bras is an important choice in the way of dressing.

It is mainly advised to use colors that are close to your skin color and that will fade according to your skin color and your desires. In the lingerie departments, you can find all sorts of variations that best match your skin tone. The closer your bra is to your skin tone, the better it will look under a white top.

However, we like to wear another color that goes very well with white top. Indeed, red can be worn in a transparent way under a white top. Especially in summer, we use a lot of flashy colors for our lingerie. A garnet red bra is perfect under a white top since it is visible and remains discreet for maximum charm. The result is amazing, dare to do it and you will see the result!

Pro tipActuelle

blouse-actual-anglais-broderieTo wear your lingerie correctly, it is essential to know how to match it with the right clothes. Actuelle accompanies you in this choice by proposing products which accompany perfectly your bras and bodysuits for outside.

This long-sleeved blouse with English embroidery ruffled will match perfectly with a red bra as seen previously.

The different embroideries will enhance your lingerie with class and discretion.

To put it all together, a pair of matching pants with a pair of booties will do the trick to be trendy and sexy.


In 2022, the trend of underwear tops has become a must for many women. You can see it with the influencers and other stars who dress in this trend. This look will make you beautiful, elegant and sexy at the same time. It's time to show off your lingerie without being naked. Ladies, it's your turn!

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