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Publié le 02 February 2023

Be stylish when it’s cold

Be stylish when it's cold

Winter is here, it's cold outside! And we know you want to stay stylish and warm. So we've put together some outfit ideas that will help you do it so you can look stylish when it's cold. We have a range of outfits for all kinds of occasions.

Cody Cassis Cap 3Top winter fashion trends for 2023

To stay stylish this winter, here are the main trends to adopt. Dad shoes, and biker boots are essential for winter 2023. Vest sweaters are also very trendy this year, as are mini skirts and long dresses. Do not forget the timeless down jacket to stay stylish while being warm!

How to stay warm and stylish thanks to layering?

To stay warm and stylish this winter, try layers. Overlays are ideal for staying stylish in winter. They allow you to wear multiple layers of clothing, which will keep you warm. There are different ways to wear layers. You can pair them with jackets or coats, or wear them under a sweater. The important thing is to choose clothes that go well together and give you an elegant look. All you have to do is master the art of layering that all fashionistas have already adopted. For a good layering without worrying about overdose, we forget the over-mixing of prints and colors. Also avoid: materials that are too thick, such as wool. For example, wear a denim shirt under a loose white or gray sweater, only the collar of the shirt will be visible, and thus, you will be stylish when it is cold! So, don't hesitate to try layering this year!

floral blouse heart cover with pale pink mohair vestCreate fashionable looks with winter boots

Wool sweaters, thick coats and thick socks are all great for keeping you warm in the winter, but what about your style? With a little creativity, you can create stylish winter outfits that will keep you warm while showcasing yourself. A simple way to do this is to wear boots. Boots come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can find a pair that will match your outfit. They also provide extra warmth and protection from the elements. So don't let the cold stop you from being at your best. Try these stylish winter outfit ideas today!

Investment pieces for your winter wardrobe to look stylish when it's cold

Invest in classic pieces for your winter wardrobe that you won't get tired of quickly. Be sure to choose timeless pieces that will match the rest of your wardrobe and give you a neat look even in cold weather. Think of items such as wool coats, cashmere sweaters, thick scarves, boots and gloves.

Accessories that stand out to perfect your look to be stylish when it's cold

You can take your look to the next level with accessories that will make you stand out. Choose scarves and hats that match the colors of your outfit, or opt for something bolder, such as a colorful scarf or patterned hat. Bulky jewelry or original earrings are also interesting additions to bring out your look. And don't forget the shoes – boots are great for keeping your feet warm, but also consider buying a pair of fashionable sneakers to complement your outfit. plain sleeve sweater tailored pants 7/8 burgundyCombined with trendy sweaters and other oversized outerwear, winter accessories can make all the difference. In addition to keeping warm, small accessories also have the power to enhance a simple look. Starting with the scarf or scarf, we wear this season the XXL version. We choose solid colors, pretty pink shades, or printed with colored stripes. As for winter hats, we fall for the wool cap or the trendy gavroche. Accompanied by a leather jacket, a faux fur collar, the cape is the perfect accessory for the season. These stylish outfit ideas will keep you warm and fashionable throughout the winter. From coats and hats to boots and sweaters, we've got you covered. So get ready to bundle up and be on top this winter!

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