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Publié le 27 July 2022

What to wear in the summer to keep from getting too hot?

If you're wondering "What to wear in the summer so you don't get too hot?", you've come to the right place. In this article, we will answer your questions about what color to wear, what fabrics to wear and we will offer you our current selection. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to staying cool this summer.  

What color should I wear to stay cool in summer? summer outfit for women

White is said to be the most comfortable color to wear in the summer, as it reflects the most light and heat. However, it is not the only color to wear during this season. Light colors are also cool, like khaki and turquoise, while black is considered the most unforgiving of all colors. Wearing a white swimsuit is ideal in this heat, as this color reflects heat and light while black absorbs light. If light colors are cool, they protect you less from UV than darker colors that filter UV.    

What fabric to wear during the summer to keep from getting too hot?

The summer months can be tough for fashion lovers. Heat makes us sweat, which can lead to unsightly stains on our clothes. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay cool and chic in the summer. The most practical solution is to choose light and breathable fabrics. Here are the best fabric choices for summer.
  • The lining is a popular fabric for warmer weather.
  • Linen is breathable, easy to wash and comes in a range of colors. It can get hot in the extreme heat of summer, so wear it with care. It can also be a great choice for evening wear. Bamboo fabric is a sustainable crop that is breathable and UV protective. You can get linen in any color you want, including white.
  • Cotton is a breathable textile, which makes it ideal for your summer outfits. It is soft and particularly comfortable. Its biggest asset is that it lets your skin breathe.
  • Chambray is a good fashion compromise. Chambray is a lightweight fabric of cottony origin that resembles denim.
  • Poplin is an ideal fabric to stay elegant despite the heat. It has a chic look that allows you to wear poplin in any circumstance. Poplin is characterized by a very fine yarn and a large mesh, which allows air to easily seep into the fabric.

What pants to wear when it's hot?

By opting for a flowing pant with a 7/8 length, you will have an airy and comfortable look. You can also try Actuelle shorts instead of pants if you think you're too hot. Paired with an Actuelle blouse or top, you can wear it in any circumstance. The best thing to wear when temperatures rise is comfortable, breathable clothing. If you are going to work during hot weather, you can opt for our cotton pants, which will let your skin breathe. Opting for loose fitting pants will allow air to circulate and you will sweat less than in tight pants. summer suit and shorts  

What dress to wear when it's hot?

When the weather is hot, our stylists have selected for you several Actuelle dresses to wear without moderation in the city, in the country or inlong summer dress evening. Choose a dress with a full, flowing skirt, like a maxi. For summer events, opt for a low-cut style. Actuelle's halter dresses are a great way to show off without sacrificing glamour. Pair an Actuelle summer dress with a little jacket to extend your evening, when the sun will live to set. For more casual occasions, choose a mini dress or a midi dress. They are easy to wear and also a great option for summer events.   With Actuelle, you'll stay gorgeous all summer long even if the temperatures rise.

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