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Publié le 14 September 2022

Fashion: How to combine colors?

Are you unsure about the color combination of your clothes? Then this article is for you! You will find here a guide to help you in your sometimes difficult choices and leave with certainty on your color associations. Do you waste time spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what to wear with your favorite sweater or your trendy little top? The association of colors is very difficult to achieve, to avoid mistakes in your look here are some tips to avoid mistakes.

How to build your outfit efficiently?

First mistake to avoid: combining primary colors! In painting as in art or fashion, primary colors are essential, but they cannot be combined. So be sure not to wear them together! Avoid wearing blue with yellow or red! You can nevertheless associate the secondary colors which are purple, orange or green (they are derived from the primary colors). Don't forget to play with gradients and pastel colors! Finally, tertiary colors are obtained by mixing a primary color and a secondary color! These colors offer you a great choice of association, because they go together wonderfully! Take advantage of this opportunity to make more unique outfits than ever before! In order to have a perfect look, we advise you not to combine more than 2 colors together. Spice up your style with trendy accessories but neutral to perfectly complement your outfit!

Which colors work best together?

There are different types of association possible depending on the colors: Complementary colors : These are the opposite colors on the color wheel. Simply take one color and match it with the opposite color. For example, yellow will go perfectly with purple, or orange with blue. On paper, these associations may seem inappropriate or in bad taste, but they are perfectly compatible with each other! Just try it! Why not take one of our trendy sweaters that would go perfectly with our tailored pants in our store?

The triadic colors

For this matching system, you can mix up to three colors with the color wheel! Take three of them at equal distance from each other. Prefer one dominant color and the other two that accompany it. For example, start with yellow as the main color, with blue and red as secondary colors!

Analogous colors

Analogous colors are the colors side by side on the color wheel. These are colors that blend naturally together. You can therefore combine them to obtain a perfect result! Be careful with the marriage of red and pink which can sometimes be problematic!

The monochromatic

Nothing simpler for this association of colors since it will take one and associate it with different tones (pastel, gradient ...). It's a simple look, but effective when you have no idea! Think of our little monochrome dresses or our brand new combinations in our shop that will definitely make you look good!

The neutral

The colors are everywhere, they are very often used. Whether it's black, brown, grey, cream, all of these colors can be used together to create a chic and sober look that works! Don't hesitate to try them.

What is the maximum number of colors to combine?

To make sure you don't make a mistake, start with one or two colors maximum to associate together. Use the color wheel to choose the perfect match between two colors. Also take care to choose your accessories that will allow you to stand out during your outings. When choosing your accessories, don't forget to use neutral colors to match your different outfits. We have all the items you need in our accessory section of the site! Whether it's scrunchies, bracelets, necklaces or belts, you're sure to find all the trendy accessories of the moment! However, if you have a good grasp of the color wheel and color matching, you can take the time to choose three colors that will go perfectly together as we have seen in the triadic colors. Finally, don't forget to treat yourself when choosing your clothes! It doesn't matter what style or colors you choose, what matters is that you feel beautiful with your look of the day! So go for it, you now have all the keys in hand to combine colors like a professional stylist!

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