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Publié le 25 July 2022

How to dress for a drink with friends?

When deciding what to wear to a drink with friends, think about what you'll be most comfortable in and what will make you look your best. While a dressy outfit may seem appropriate for a night out with friends, a relaxed, casual look is just as appropriate. Consider flat shoes, a casual jacket and minimal makeup.  

How to dress for a night out with your girlfriend?Outfit for going out with girlfriends

Bars and clubs can be great places to have a drink with friends, but the question of what to wear can be a real challenge. Some bars are far too casual for a cocktail dress, while others are a great place to watch sports. To avoid looking too scruffy, think about the theme of the bar you're going to and choose an outfit to match that theme. The right combination of clothing will determine how you are perceived. Jeans are not always a safe bet, especially if they are too colorful or torn. Dark jeans and a more formal top work well for a pub. However, it is important to be comfortable in the clothes you choose so that you can enjoy your evening with friends. When in doubt, consider adding a kimono and some to make your outfit more interesting.  

black suit for clubbingHow to dress to go to a club with friends?

For your night out with your girlfriends, you can opt for a dress in which you feel the most beautiful. Choose a dress that will show off your curves without overdoing it. Do not choose it too short, it will embarrass you and can quickly appear vulgar. As soon as you are comfortable in your dress, you will be the most beautiful. If you choose a dress that is too tight or too close to the body, you may not be comfortable in your movements for dancing. Out of inspiration? Think of the traditional little black dress! If you don't feel like taking out the little dress to go dancing, a very good option, very fashionable at the moment is the jumpsuit . You can opt for a combination of pants, shorts, long sleeves, bare back. By opting for a jumpsuit, you'll be spoilt for choice in the look you want to adopt. If you opt for a black jumpsuit, you can enhance it with colorful accessories and jewelry.  

How to make a success of your look to go out with friends?

For your outfit to be the most beautiful, you must respect your morphology.
  • Your body type is H-shaped - that is, women who do not have a marked waist.H-shaped dress
To enhance your femininity highlight your assets while recreating beautiful curves. You can highlight your beautiful legs or your cleavage. To feminize an H-shaped silhouette, you have to create the illusion of a waist! We bet on empire cuts that will structure your silhouette and draw attention to your neckline. All clothes and accessories that emphasize the lack of size should be avoided. So we forget, for example, the tight belt around the waist, and we will rather wear it loose and falling on the hips. Why not opt for a pretty, low-cut dress ? Or pants with a nice blouse?
  • dress morphology VYour body shape is V-shaped - women with a dominant shoulder shape
To rebalance your figure, you need to highlight your legs and cover your shoulders. To do this, draw the eye down with colors, prints, ... you can afford anything! On the other hand for the top we will bet on the sobriety with plain and sober colors to minimize your carrure. A little tip from Actuelle stylists: the one-shoulder top creates an optical effect and reduces the size of the "V" woman. If you opt for a two-tone dress, choose a dark dress on top and light on the bottom.
  • Your body type is X-shaped - women whose shoulders and hips are the same widthclothing morphology X with a narrow waist
Women with an X or hourglass shape can wear anything in terms of color, print, pattern, glitter, ... Treat yourself! To emphasize your wasp waist, choose clothes that mark your waist and emphasize the harmony between your shoulders and your hips. With your morphology you will be able to choose the dresses sheath, empire, wallet, short, wrap. You will be spoilt for choice to be the most stylish for your evening with friends.
  • Your body type is A - women with small shoulders, a narrow bust and wide hips.
To harmonize your silhouette, it is necessary to attract the attention on the top of your body: the bust and to play on the more or less plunging necklines. You can afford the eccentricity at the top of your outfit: colors, prints, V-neckline, ... If you have a small chest, you can opt for the push-up bra. And for the bottom which is more imposing, we advise you the sobriety of a trouser or a skirt of dark colors and plain to emphasize the top of your outfit
  • 8 shape outfitYour body type is a figure 8 - women whose shoulders are in line with their hips with a marked waist.
You have very feminine and harmonious shapes as well as a generous chest? You have a figure 8 that looks like the X shape, but with a fuller body. You are a fashionista who can wear almost anything! Your figure is very feminine with generous forms and a marked waist. Don't hesitate to emphasize it with tight-fitting or belted clothes. With a top or a dress, the wrap-around top will look great on you while highlighting your generous chest.   Now that you know how to dress, Actuelle wishes you a great evening with your girlfriends.       .    

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