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Publié le 17 June 2022

Focus on the BISOU method

Do you know the BISOU method? It is the acronym of a great method that allows you to adopt a responsible and reasoned consumption of fashion, which helps your wallet and the planet to avoid overconsumption. The Actuelle team explains all about this method that will allow you to consume better! This method is very practical and can be applied to different types of products or objects. Whatever the item or purchase, discover this revolutionary method with our valuable advice, applicable in your daily life to fight against overconsumption. Here are all the questions you need to ask yourself when considering a trendy and fashionable piece:

B for Need

What is the need for a new garment? The needs we identify are: hunger, thirst, sleep, respect and recognition. Is the garment or piece you want a vital need? For a piece of clothing, the answer is usually no, but you have to know how to treat yourself! And why not to crack for Last Chances from our Current collection.

I for Immediate

Do you need this dress immediately? To answer this question, use your patience. If you are still waiting to buy this beautiful dress, you can wait a little longer. This proves that it is not a compulsive fashion purchase but a reasoned one. After the cooling-off period, do you still want it? If the answer is yes, go for it!

S for Similar

Before buying this jacket, identify the jackets you already have in your closet. Indeed, the third rule of the BISOU method is that you must check before each purchase if you don't already own the item, or at least an item similar to the one you covet. Is it? Check your jacket for wear and tear. If it is tired, discolored, with holes, give it a second youth by opting for the donation. You can then fall in love with the new model.

O for Origin

Many brands lack transparency regarding the production of their items. Beware of brands that do not clearly indicate the origin of their clothing. At Actuelle, we guarantee French creations and European manufacturing.

U for Useful

Beware of compulsive purchases! They can easily be regretted a few weeks later, especially if the item in question is from a temporary or trendy collection. Even though fashion and style are circular, you may not want to wear certain patterns or cuts of clothing anymore. These purchases will clutter your closet, this is not the right solution! The BISOU method allows you to consume better and to buy your parts in a more reasonable way. So you can treat yourself by adopting these reflexes in your daily life, because the BISOU method is not only for the fashion world!

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