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Publié le 30 May 2022

How to dress for a weekend trip?

With the nice weather coming back, are you planning to go for a weekend to discover a new destination? Your itinerary is complete, your reservations are made. But what about your suitcase? Have you prepared your different outfits, to combine comfort and elegance during your trip? Trust the Actuelle experts, who share their advice on how to dress for a weekend away and be at the top of fashion.

How do I dress for a weekend away?

When you pack your suitcase or your travel bag, you should obviously think in terms of days. Are you leaving for two days? Plan two outfits. It is also necessary to plan an extra outfit to cover all eventualities, such as rain or an evening in a restaurant more chic than expected. By consulting the weather forecast, you can easily orient your choices. You can easily switch from summer to spring attire by adding a sweater or cardigan to your suitcase when the temperature drops at the end of the day. Also bring a hat or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays, which can be strong in the summer. The sunglasses fit easily into your suitcase or travel bag.

Actuelle's fashion advice

Our beautiful Paula print short sleeve dress will bring you freshness and elegance. This Actuelle dress goes great with a pair of sandals or a denim jacket!

How to dress for a weekend trip in spring and summer?

In spring or summer, fall for a light, flowing dress that flatters the figure and offers comfort and femininity during your weekend. Our selection of Actuelle dresses allows you to combine style and elegance to perfection. During your stay, whether in the city, in the country or at the beach, you can easily change your look by pairing a light blouse with jeans or jean shorts. You can accessorize your outfits with trendy shoes, like a pair of sandals or platforms. Be careful though! Make sure you are comfortable in your sneakers before you wear them, or risk suffering by developing clearly unwanted blisters!

Actuelle's fashion advice

Go for this sublime combo sailor and high waist fluid shorts Eddy.

Simplicity and lightness for a weekend away

When we go away for the weekend, whether by car, train or plane, we want to travel light. So to do this, you have to lighten your suitcase and therefore your looks! Opt for the recycling technique: the jeans you wear on your first day, you can reuse them the next day with another top or sweater. Actuelle' s fashion experts share their advice on how to best mix and match your looks.

Actuelle's fashion advice

For all-around style, you can build your vacation looks around a strong piece, like a pair of pants or a jacket. These trendy pieces make your style easier and give you a timeless look.

To go away for the weekend, the simplest outfits are the most effective!

Your clothes reflect your state of mind during your vacation. Set the tone and adopt a trendy look that enhances your style and beauty! A pair of sunglasses finishes your look with a bang.

Tips and advice from Actuelle fashion experts

Are you flying? Plan a comfortable outfit for the flight, preferring loose-fitting outfits with soft and pleasant materials. You will be stylish to go away for the weekend!

How to dress for a winter weekend?

In winter, thicker pieces like sweaters or vests can weigh down your vacation suitcase. Don't panic! Discover new trendy and technical pieces and garments that bring you all the comfort and warmth you need. You now have all the cards in your hands to compose beautiful, elegant, modern and trendy looks. Find our latest collection as well as all our novelties to please you and be radiant during your next weekend of vacations, in the city, in the country or at the beach.

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