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Publié le 23 September 2022

Stylish for back to school

Classic, minimalist, formal or elegant, there are many options when it comes to back-to-school clothing. Actuelle gives you its advice on how to be stylish this fall. Discover our tips to be on top of the trend while going back to work.  

Should we dare to wear clothes that are close to the body?

Close-fitting clothing is a popular style of clothing that closely follows the contours of the body. Discover the Actuelle collection of jumpsuits and tops for an ultra trendy look this fall. These clothes with fine fabrics, with extra strength from tightened fibers. In addition to the tightly woven fibers, Actuelle's close-fitting garments combine soft fabrics and precise stitching. Be stylish this fall by choosing quality, comfort and elegance.

How to be stylish in the fall?

Filling up on style at the beginning of the school year means filling up on confidence! Actuelle recommends colorful and well-balanced outfits. You can dare to have a curved shape while keeping the seams discreet. Discover our dresses with sleeves dresses for back to school! The current tip is to match a belt to add a feminine and daring touch!

Straight skirt

Which blouse to wear in the fall?

Far from the classic blouse, Actuelle advises you the printed blouse to bring some style to your back to school outfit. Discover a large choice of prints on Actuelle blouses . Bring originality and charm to your back to school outfit!

Which skirt to wear in the fall?

Skirts can also be a great option. A pencil skirt will never go out of style. A pencil skirt is an option, as long as it's not too short. The hem of the skirts must be two centimeters above the knee. A midi length skirt is also a good option. Pencil skirt, straight or midi length ... Find the latest trends of Actuelle skirts to be sexy and elegant in the fall.  

And if we dared the "not wise" style?

We put the conservative clothes in the closet. Be confident with a patterned blouse . Or, bring out the white tee-shirt with a floral blazer. A coat and accessories accessories will complete your back-to-school style. Actuelle shows you its most most original looks to be beautiful and daring in the fall!

Stylish back to school sweater

How to be stylish and comfortable?

Whether you like to dress up or prefer to keep it casual, there are many ways to stay comfortable and stylish. Comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed for style, as many people have adopted the "comfort first" style. You can be fashionable and still be comfortable. Discover our selection of sweaters streetwear style for a stylish and comfortable look even at the beginning of the school year!  

What is the best back-to-school piece to have in your closet?

The best piece of clothing to have in your closet is the most versatile. A white shirt and jeans are both incredibly versatile. They can be worn in any season. However, larger pieces, like dresses, are not as versatile. Choose neutral pieces to highlight your accessories. Discover the Actuelle's timeless pieces For a perfect back-to-school wardrobe : jeans, shirts...

What are the must-have back-to-school clothes?

White T-shirt

When you buy new clothes for back-to-school, the main thing is to be able to wear them again in the fall. It is therefore necessary to think that the new clothes can be associated with the old ones to vary the styles. Here are the essentials of Actuelle :
  • The blazer jacket: a timeless piece that can be worn with everything for a casual or chic style.
  • The straight skirt: worn just above the knee, you can wear this piece for evenings out, going out on the town or at work!
  • The white tee-shirt or tank top: a timeless item that remains in fashion this fall! With a classic suit or jeans, this piece gives you a casual style while remaining elegant.
  • The white shirt: choose loose to wear it in several ways to match the bottom. The white shirt should be fitted to enhance the silhouette.
  • The little black dress: the little black dress remains the feminine piece par excellence. Wear above the knee without being too short, for a feminine and elegant style.

Printed blouseWhat is the key ingredient of style?

Self-confidence is one of the key ingredients of style. To do this, you must choose the outfit that suits you? Do you like colors? Go for it! You prefer a sober style? Choose timeless pieces for a casual chic style that reflects confidence in all circumstances. Developing strong style confidence will improve your life and boost your self-esteem. It will also allow you to express yourself fully. The back-to-school outfit should make you feel confident in your style. Discover the fall / winter collection of Actuelle : outfits that assert and seduce all silhouettes.

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