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How to dress for vacation?

06 July 2022

Comment s'habiller pour partir en vacances ?

Want to be chic and casual to go on vacation? Don’t miss these simple and effective tips to make you a diva this summer. Here are some fashion tips from our Actuelle stylists, experts in fashion and trendy looks. At the beach, dress and suit to look good with Actuelle The simple and light dress Actuelle, will accompany you in any circumstances, whether you are at the beach or in evening, it...

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3 astuces pour enlever une tâche de vin


How to remove a wine stain

Did you get a red wine stain on your tablecloth? On your white shirt? On your sofa? Stay calm, we have the solutions! Here are 3 tips to remove a red wine stain, using only products already in your cupboards. Tip #1: White wine And yes! How to clean a...

16 July 2021

Comment taillent les vêtements chez Actuelle ?


How do the clothes at Actuelle fit?

The sizes, it is very subjective to each. It is not always easy to find a garment that fits perfectly. And as we can never find our way around, each brand making its own sizes and cuts, we decided to make a guide so that you can see more clearly and...

16 July 2021

Comment s'habiller en fonction de sa morphologie ?


How to dress according to your morphology?

With trends changing every season, it becomes difficult to dress fashionably while choosing clothes that truly flatter our style and female body type. The goal of this article is for you to look fabulous, no matter what the current trend is. We offer...

16 July 2021

entretenir ses vêtements actuelle / mannequin blonde assise sur un tabouret avec combinaison rayée col V longueur 7/8


How to care for your Actuelle clothes?

Now that we value quality over quantity, it's important to know how to take care of your Actuelle clothes so that you can wear them longer: so how do you care for your Actuelle clothes? Follow our 10 essential tips to make sure your clothes last and...

16 July 2021

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