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Publié le 16 July 2021

How to dress according to your morphology?

With trends changing every season, it becomes difficult to dress fashionably while choosing clothes that truly flatter our style and female body type. The goal of this article is for you to look fabulous, no matter what the current trend is. We offer simple tips and tricks to help you love your body and bring out all your beautiful curves.

How to determine its morphology?

To determine your body type, you will start by looking in the mirror and identifying which body type you belong to. Here are the different types of Morphology: O,H,8 and A.     Your body may be a mix of two body types, so use your stylist instincts and fashionista intuition to best match your look.

Type O morphology

The type O morphology has a waist wider than the hips and the bust. It is sometimes more imposing on the top, with a bust that exceeds the hips by a few centimeters. The waist is generally narrow and the limbs are thin. If the size is not defined, you may be lost when it comes to choosing the right dress or blouse. However, the goal is to create a sensual silhouette by adding vertical lines and drawing attention to the neckline, bust line or your shapely legs. Strapless dresses suit your figure well.

H-type morphology

This morphology presents straight lines. Also known as the H-type body type, this shape has almost a straight look, so the key is to create curves with your dresses and blouse in a natural way. Resist square-necked clothing, as it creates a square silhouette instead of a curvy one. Keep your look flowing and soft, avoid tight, fitted dresses. Instead, opt for loose-fitting clothing that gives the comfortable and natural illusion of feminine curves. Women with rectangular bodies often feel boyish because of the lack of pronounced curves, but the truth is that it's an easy body shape to dress up. Choose fitted tops and jackets with bottoms to show off your waist and give the illusion of curves - embrace ruffles and frills to soften your natural silhouette.

Morphology type 8

Perhaps the most coveted morphology since the dawn of time, the figure 8 is characterized by a narrow waist with a chest and hips pulpy. For this type of morphology, there is only one rule that prevails: always accentuate your thin waist. When you emphasize your slim waist, you can hide your little complexes. You have a choice of fashionable dresses and blouses, as your shape continues to rule in all fashion houses. A classic fit and flare dress is perfect for your body type. Choose light fabrics and patterns that fall nicely on your curves to bring out your best features. Balance your outfit to protect your figure and show off your well-proportioned curves.

Type A morphology

If you need help understanding what the pear shape is, look at Beyoncé or Rihanna. For years, being pear-shaped was frowned upon, but thanks to celebrities, this shape is beautiful, feminine and seductive. The pear shape, or A shape, has the buttocks and hips clearly wider than the bust and shoulders. The best way to enhance a pear-shaped silhouette is to choose strapless tops, dresses and jumpsuits with an open neckline or flowing dresses. All of these options should draw attention to your subtle cleavage, shoulders and delicate arms. Dresses with a very prominent waist are also a good idea because it helps to accentuate the smaller part of your body. Choose tailored suits and dresses that show off your upper body. When choosing a jumpsuit, go one size up so you can show off your back curves without the fabric stretching at the seams. To add length to your body, opt for shoes with pointed toes to give your legs an elongated effect. But don't wear ankle straps.  

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