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Publié le 16 July 2021

How to care for your Actuelle clothes?

Now that we value quality over quantity, it's important to know how to take care of your Actuelle clothes so that you can wear them longer: so how do you care for your Actuelle clothes? Follow our 10 essential tips to make sure your clothes last and keep your fashionista look intact.

Maintain your clothes Current when washing

1: Wash your clothes as little as possible.

Constantly subjecting fabrics to laundry and spinning can wear them out, so try to wash your clothes only when they really need it. Some denim brands even advise never washing your jeans and cleaning them in small spots. Instead of putting your clothes directly in the hamper, hang them up for airing, preferably outside the closet, until you put them back in the next morning.

2: Look at the care labels carefully.

When you wash them, be sure to follow the care instructions for your Actuelle clothes. Some materials require special washing conditions. So that the washing labels have no more secret for you, consult this article which will give you all the explanations you need: The washing symbols explained

3: Hand wash your underwear.

We know it takes time, but when you invest in beautiful lingerie, it's important to keep it. The underwires of bras can become distorted in a washing machine, which can also affect the fit. If you really can't handle hand washing, invest in an underwear bag. This will prevent your bra hooks from catching on the rest of your clothes. The washing net can also be useful for the maintenance of your tights.

4: Protect the colors.

Wash dark clothes inside out and separately from your white or colored clothes to avoid color transfer. When washing your Actuelle clothes in the washing machine, remember to turn them inside out and use a special detergent to protect the colors in order to avoid any traces of detergent on your Actuelle clothes.

5: Your sweaters are fragile.

To care for your Actuelle sweaters, remember to wash them by hand and lay them flat so they don't stretch. When you are going to spin your sweater, be very careful with the fiber, only spinning it in small increments.

The care of your linen in your dressing room

6: Invest in good hangers.

Wire or plastic hangers can often stretch the shoulders of clothing. Replace them with wooden or padded hangers, which will avoid distorting your clothes.

7: Use a clothes razor to remove pilling.

Even the best quality wool and cashmere can suffer from pilling after a while. Contrary to popular belief, a light scraping of the textile with a specialized tool will make it look like new again. Expert advice: don't pull on the pilling to remove it, you could ruin your sweater.

8: Protect your dressing room from moths.

They are extremely destructive to your clothes! It is not the moth itself, but the larvae it lays, which are invisible to the naked eye, that attack your clothes. While cedar balls and lavender sachets can deter moths, try using a lure that aims to stop the breeding cycle completely. It is a small tablet that attracts male moths away from your closet with female pheromones, then blocks the receptors with an electrostatic powder; this then prevents the moth from finding a female and producing eggs, thus ending the cycle entirely.

Maintenance of your leather pieces

9: Take care of your leather by cleaning it gently.

For emergency cleaning, wash marks and scratches by hand with a soft, slightly damp cloth. To dry, lay your leather piece flat so it doesn't stretch. A leather conditioner can be applied afterwards to maintain the texture. However, by far the safest option is to have it cleaned by a leather specialist at your local dye house.

10: Hydrate!

Is the leather of your garment less supple than before? No problem, moisturize it with a cream or lotion. Your leather piece will look great again!

Little bonus for the storage of your clothes Actuelle

As you move from your winter to summer wardrobe, separate the clothes that need to be washed or dry cleaned from those that are ready to be stored. It's also time to vacuum and damp wipe your closet. If you still have any doubts about how to care for your Actuelle clothes, send us a message!

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