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Publié le 18 November 2021

A 100% trendy look with the Prince of Wales pattern

With the return of cold weather, we want to adopt a cosy look, while remaining trendy and elegant.

The fashion detail of this fall-winter is the Prince of Wales pattern. Endlessly versatile and retro chic, this fabric enhances your style and makes you look great, day or night.

For a few years, we have observed a strong comeback of this fabric, both in the street and on the catwalk. The Prince of Wales is in every collection this fall. So let yourself be carried away by this so British universe and discover our selection of modern and chic looks. In dress, sweater, coat, jacket, blazer, pants ... You have the embarrassment of choice to enjoy an elegant style.

Suitable for all body types and sizes, the Prince of Wales pattern enhances women with its refined fall lines and colors.

Whether it's a total look or a piece to boost your outfit, you'll definitely be ahead of the game! Many fashionistas have already fallen for it, why not you?

I'm going for the total look

Opting for the total look can be a challenge. But don't panic, it is accessible to all! The key word is self-confidence!

At Actuelle, we love the Prince of Wales pattern of the Mick blazer. With a Lurex finish, it embellishes your look with its shiny finish and gives you a decidedly modern and elegant style. The blazer is fitted and fits perfectly to all silhouettes. For the bottom, we melt for the pants cut suit, also equipped with the English pattern. Its cut emphasizes your shape and brings you comfort and elegance in all circumstances.

The idea of Actuelle

At the office or in town, we do not hesitate to adopt the total Prince of Wales look by putting on the blazer and the tailor pants. With pumps or boots, you will be irresistible! In the evening, you can opt for the total look by combining it with a flowing blouse. Be careful not to vary the patterns too much. You should choose solid colors to make your Prince of Wales look stand out. A black satin top or a white linen top will enhance your outfit and you will stand out with style!


I associate with timeless

In contrast to the total look, you can adopt the Prince of Wales pattern by combining it with more neutral pieces, such as a little black dress or a top with light shades. With raw denim and a pair of white sneakers, the blazer gives you a sporty chic and modern look.

The Prince of Wales pattern can be combined with many pieces of your wardrobe and offers you a multitude of possibilities for trendy and elegant outfits. You can transform your style by wearing a strong piece, while remaining classy in all circumstances.

The idea of Actuelle

Pair your favorite piece with timeless ones, like our Paulin Claudine collar and embroidery anglaise blouse. With the tailor pants, this blouse gives you a chic style, which will delight you.

With our Hippolyte sweater, under your blazer or with your tailored pants, you will be radiant and relaxed in all circumstances. Pair your style with a pair of understated, elegant shoes, like patent loafers or pumps.


In the evening, combine your blazer with a little black dress for a modern and trendy style. By choosing the Laura wrap dress, you become seductive with your English patterned jacket, while keeping an elegant side.

With the blazer, you wear a trendy and sober look, with the pants suit a fashionable and elegant style. Add these pieces to your dressing room and your wardrobe will look great.

I learn more about the Prince of Wales pattern

Prince of Wales fabric is a traditional fabric from Scotland. Recognizable by its intricate colored checks, themselves composed of houndstooth patterns and vertical and horizontal stripes, this fabric was created to compete with tartan. The Prince of Wales gave it his name in the 1920s and it became a trendy pattern that men and women wear in all seasons and occasions.

In 2021, he is back on the scene and can be seen everywhere. On the catwalk, on red carpets or in the street, influencers and fashion lovers swear by it!

You now have all the keys to achieve a stylish and modern look with the Prince of Wales pattern. Whether you opt for the total look or one of our fashion pieces, this fabric will seduce you and make you beautiful and elegant in any occasion.


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