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Publié le 10 May 2022

How to dress for a wedding?

The wedding season is launched! According to the current trends, your outfit can reveal your elegance and bring you a chic and trendy style. Whether you are a guest, a witness or a mother of the bride, the possibilities are endless.
But how to dress for a wedding? What are the rules to follow when composing your look? Actuelle's fashion experts share their tips on how to look great at the wedding ceremony and party without overshadowing the bride-to-be.

What are the mistakes to avoid in order to look great at a wedding?

Did you know that many outfits are not allowed at a wedding? What are they? Actuelle's experts explain everything to you so that the ceremony and the reception take place without any fashion faux-pas.

Can we wear white to a wedding?

Traditionally, only the bride-to-be wears white. Thus, it is strongly advised to the guests to banish the total white look of their outfit during a wedding, being able to create an uneasiness and to make shade with its dress. For a wedding, if you want to wear a touch of white, choose a jacket, pants, skirt or a pair of shoes. A white piece that must be accompanied by another strong color piece to enhance your style. With accessories, you bring balance to your outfit. Prefer soft and luminous pastel colors like powder pink.

Can we wear black to a wedding?

Usually, the little black dresses are all the rage. But for a wedding, you simply have to forget them! Like white, the total black look is to be banished. You can sparingly distill black into your outfit but you absolutely must enhance your outfit with bright or pastel colors as well as accessories. Never forget that black should not be the dominant color of your outfit, at the risk of giving a sad atmosphere to the ceremony. Even if black is the symbol of chic and refinement, it is also synonymous with death and mourning, two aspects that we want to avoid by all means during a wedding.


How to dress for a wedding avoiding too casual outfits?

Unless otherwise specified by the bride and groom, casual styles are to be avoided. Follow the couple's recommendations when thinking about your outfit, especially if there is a dress code. If the wedding does not have a dress theme, it does not mean that you can dress to your liking. Opt for an elegant look and banish the too casual outfits. Sneakers are to be avoided, unless the couple explicitly allows them. Indeed, you risk to stand out on the wedding pictures and will be quickly uncomfortable in the company of the other guests who will have respected the codes of a wedding. Ladies, please be vigilant as well. If part of the wedding involves a religious ceremony, your outfit should be as unsexy as possible. To protect yourself from any bare shoulder or plunging neckline, a shawl or a small jacket will do the trick. Slip them into your bag and you're done. For the evening, a sexy but not provocative outfit will make you chic and seductive.

If you are less comfortable in a dress, why not go for one of our favorite pieces, the jumpsuit? Our women's pantsuit Diane sierra to your morphology and brings you elegance if you do not like dresses.

How to feel good in your shoes for a wedding?

Weddings are often held in spring or summer. It's the perfect time to show off your feet in stylish and trendy open-toed shoes.
Our Actuelle fashion experts share some tips and advice on how to be comfortable during the wedding ceremony and evening.

The pedicure, the chic asset for a wedding

Treat yourself! The day before the wedding, treat yourself to a pedicure in the colors of your outfit to bring balance to your style. This way, you'll be consistent with your outfit and elegant to the tips of your feet.

shoes-wedding-actual Be careful with the pair of shoes you choose. Like the rest of the guests, there are several things you should make sure of before you leave for the wedding. First of all, is the shoe the right size? Have you worn them recently? Did you wear them at all? Very often, we tend to fall for a new pair of shoes a few weeks before the ceremony. This can be catastrophic, because depending on the quality of the shoe, we risk having sore feet and even developing blisters, making this moment very painful and limiting our movements and this until the dance floor! Prefer wedge heels that will bring you relief and comfort in all circumstances.

Current advice

If you don't want to wear them outside before the big day to preserve them, wear your new shoes at home, on the couch, at the table or even while cleaning! The shoe will soften and allow you to be comfortable during the day. Another important point to remember, if the wedding is held outside, think about your stilettos that may sink into the lawn or the ground.

How to dress for a wedding respecting the dress code?

Are you participating in a wedding where a dress theme is imposed on you? Follow the wishes of the bride and groom and adopt a specific look for the occasion. Many dress themes are trendy for a wedding. You may have to compose your look with these different themes: country, retro, bohemian, romantic or even vintage. It is important to make an effort to please the bride and groom and to honor the theme they choose. For men, the traditional suit can be transformed for the occasion and its classic clothes can be declined in different ways. For example, the theme can impose the bow tie instead of the traditional tie. Straps can adorn a shirt. A jacket can be requested in a certain color. Shoes can be associated with the imposed theme. In any case, the wedding dress is adapted to the code-dress of the bride and groom.

How to dress for a wedding: I am the best man for the wedding

As a witness for the bride-to-be, you must reflect her dress without stealing the show, it is essential. You accompany the bride-to-be during the fitting of her dress, so you are the first to know about the nuances of her dress, her accessories or her shoes. You can then compose your outfit according to his. Actuelle's fashion experts recommend several dresses that you might like:

How to dress for a wedding: I am the mother of the bride

Are you marrying your daughter? Wondering how to dress for a wedding? The key word in your outfit should be elegance. Here are the most suitable dresses:

How to dress for a wedding: I am the mother-in-law of the bride

Like the mother of the bride, the mother-in-law of the bride-to-be must be elegant. Actuelle's fashion experts offer you a selection of the most beautiful outfits for your children's wedding:

You now have all the cards in hand to dress for a wedding without any trouble. Actuelle's experts suggest different outfits to celebrate the brides during the wedding and brought you all the advice on how to dress for a wedding.

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