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Publié le 24 March 2022

What clothing styles should I wear to look younger?

We all want to look younger and trendier. This includes haircuts, makeup and skincare, but also hobbies and interests. But did you know that sometimes all it takes is one piece of clothing to make you look younger? Today, the Actuelle team shares their best tips for looking younger with different clothing styles. You're bound to find a look that will make you look great!

  The streetwear trend to look younger

The streetwear trend to look younger

The latest clothing trends are mostly streetwear. This fashion consists of wearing casual outfits such as jogging suits, sweaters and baggy pants, hoodies as well as sneakers which are also very trendy for both men and women.

It is important to mix the worlds by wearing for example a large pants with a top which adapts to your silhouette and on the contrary, a sweater or oversized tee-shirt with rather slim pants. To go with it, don't forget a pair of sneakers which is very popular among young people and sneaker stores. So take a pair that matches your outfit. You can choose between high or low top sneakers, it is advisable to take low top sneakers because they wear better that way.

Advice from the Actuelle team

Actuelle offers trendy and fashionable products that will rejuvenate you. That's why we show you some pieces and accessories for your outfits. For example, fall in love with this light blue fleece streetwear set. The set is available in several colors and offers you maximum comfort while giving you a younger look.


Look younger with bright colorsLook younger with bright colors

Dark colors and especially black are certainly modern but classic colors and they tend to age the person who wears them. As we age, we tend to wear darker colors. While it is essential to wear bright colors to look younger. Light tones like blue or yellow will enhance your complexion and sublimate your look. Especially in spring and summer, you can vary the bright colors that will add to the beautiful sunshine, with the famous golden hour. However, it is important not to neglect this detail: you should not wear more than 3 colors on you so as not to overload your outfit because too much color kills color. The bright colors will highlight the body and hair by creating a contrast between skin and clothing.

The Current Accessory

Dare to go for a colorful total look by adopting Actuelle's floral ensemble, with the floral jacket and shorts, perfect for summer and definitely young and trendy!

Another trick with this braided belt which will add some spice to your outfit, especially with a dress. It will add a classy and modern side with always quite modern colors with beige and pale pink. Addto that a pair of white sneakers especially in spring and summer to add freshness to your outfit.

Vintage clothes, allies to look younger

Fashion is constantly changing, the clothes you just bought are probably already "passé". However, past trends often come back into fashion. Like streetwear, it is important not to wear an outfit completely based on this axis but to take a major piece and mix it with an outfit usually worn. Your look will be both stunning and innovative and you will look younger.

Layering, the trend that makes you look younger

Layering is the arrangement of several layers of clothing. This technique is used to make the colors visible in a discreet way by playing on the contrast of the colors. It is also used by men and women to hide their complexes and because it makes them look younger. The layered look gives a casual and sporty look. Loose-fitting cuts look younger than tight-fitting cuts, according to our experts at Actual Fashion.

  Choose classy and modern pieces to look younger

Choose classy and modern pieces to look younger

To look younger, sometimes you just need to change an element of your outfit, it can be a piece (jacket, pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt...) or even an accessory (scarf, belt, hat ...). You have to look closely at the trends and what is currently being done to create a look that appeals and rejuvenates you. One piece can change everything! In winter, a coat from a collection can bring a real plus to your outfit while in summer, it will be rather a pair of sneakers with a white dress. A piece can energize an outfit and make it unique to take a step back in time.

The Current Idea

You can't help but fall for this pantsuit with its V-neck back. Chic and trendy, this piece gives you a young look thanks to its innovative cut


All you have to do is apply our tips to look younger. Don't hesitate to discover our online store to rejuvenate your look with pieces and accessories created and designed by the Actuelle team.

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