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Publié le 10 January 2023

How to make a successful look

Do you sometimes feel like you don't know how to dress or create the perfect look? Are you constantly looking for the right pieces that match your style, but don't know where to start? To have style, it is not enough to wear only the latest trends ; You also need to know what suits you well and which styles best suit your morphology. Do not neglect the basics of fashion and find how to accessorize your outfits to create a unique and elegant style. Our current fashion experts reveal their secrets to succeed in creating an ideal look.

pink mohair vest with floral blouse heart coverWhat are the latest trends?

Knowing the basics of fashion can help you have an elegant and successful outfit. The basics of fashion also mean taking into account the cuts, fabrics and colors that are trendy. It is important to understand the types of silhouettes, so that you can find pieces adapted to your morphology and that flatter you. For example, the morphology in A is one of the most popular, the pencil skirt or the long dress, will perfectly fit your shapes. Fabrics are another essential aspect of fashion. The most popular fabrics are the inevitable cotton, the irresistible cashmere and finally the indispensable wool. Choose materials in which you feel comfortable and elegant. Regarding the colors, they are just as essential to have an irreproachable style and if you find the right combinations, you can create several very trendy outfits. The basics, to have in his dressing room are obviously black, white, gray. For softer tones, you can head for pastel which is very popular. Do not hesitate to mix the patterns, which will bring a touch of originality. Our Actuel collection offers a wide category of patterned clothing.

Adapt your clothes according to the occasion

Before you start filling your wardrobe, it's important to identify what types of clothing are appropriate for different occasions and consider the dress code as well as the weather. In the office or for more casual occasions, you can choose more casual clothes like jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Depending on the weather, stay the course on fashion! If it's hot, opt for warmer pieces, such as a mid-length coat and for the summer, take out your lighter pieces, such as a blouse or blouse.

Complete your look with accessories

Accessories can help you complete your look. The most popular accessories in jewelry of all kinds, bags, hats or sunglasses. Jewelry can be used to add a touch of sparkle to an outfit. Depending on your style of dress, minimalist or more whimsical, adapt your jewelry to your personality. For bags, the most popular are shoulder bags, tote bags and pouches. It is important to choose bags that complement your look and whose size is adapted to your needs. Hats are also a great way to accessorize an outfit. Summer or winter, straw or fabric, with jewelry or, without, there are a multitude of possible combinations, to create a perfect look.

Find the perfect pieces

Focus on quality and good cut, that's our secret! It is essential to remember that the key to finding the perfect pieces is to buy clothes that match your style and flatter you. When trying on your outfits, it is essential to make sure that the cut matches your figure. Quality is one of the first criteria when making a purchase, a garment that lasts is always more appreciated, so take a good look at the composition label of your garment. Finally, you can also favor pieces that you can bring out for several occasions, such as a blazer or a jumpsuit. These two pieces are ideal for having a touch that is both elegant and casual.

V-neck mohair sweater / floral print short skirt / floral blouse v-neck long sleeves and trousers 5 straight pocketsFinally, assemble the pieces to create a perfect look!

Now that you know the basics of fashion and know how to choose your pieces, it's time to put it all together and have a perfect style! First of all, it is important to create a balance. Make sure to incorporate different pieces and colors into your outfit and create an overall balanced and stylish look. Secondly, it is important to accessorize your outfit. Make sure you have accessories that match your style and complement your outfit. Third, it's important to be confident in your look. No matter what you're wearing, trust is always the best accessory. So have fun and dare to wear what you want !  

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