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Publié le 15 July 2022

Trendy in Prints

Trendy in Prints

You wonder how to be Trendy in prints ? Actuelle has the answer ! How to wear a print? Or how to combine stripes with a print? Here are some tips from Actuelle stylists on how to mix prints together. So you can be stylish and trendy every day.

How to mix prints?

If you've always wondered how to mix prints, you're not alone. It can be intimidating, but it is a stylistic skill that is learned through experimentation and practice.

Here are some tips to help you get started. Remember, the key to a good mix is to make sure the sizes of the prints contrast. You can also repeat the colors so that the printed pieces are complementary. These tips will help you get an outfit that stands out from the rest! The easiest way to mix prints is to wear them together in the same or a close color. This will give you a consistent look and smooth interaction. You'll need two colors in common, but you can get by with one. This way, you'll look stylish even if you wear two different prints. If you don't know how to wear two different prints together, choose colors that have a common element, like a color or shape.  

How to wear the print?

summer printed stripes jacketWhen looking for ways to dress up a plain outfit, consider adding a printed top. Printed pieces can be luxurious and elegant, and they can also save a boring look. Printed items are also timeless classics. They add color to an otherwise drab outfit, and you can even wear a floral print to add vibrancy to your summer wardrobe. To keep your printed outfit from being too overwhelming, choose neutral colors. These colors will balance out the entire outfit and draw attention to your printed piece. When wearing a print, keep in mind that there are several essential rules for styling it correctly. You can avoid looking cluttered and messy by mixing prints in complementary colors. When mixing different types of prints, remember to pay special attention to the size of each piece. You can also try pairing your print with a solid color base, like black or navy. You can even be bold and opt for two different prints on the same piece!  

The right combination of prints will make you stand out with your original look!

You can mix stripes with any pattern, as long as they are similar in color and scale. An easy way to achieve a cohesive look is to wear contrasting stripes and prints in the same color. If you're not sure what to wear with your striped top, choose contrasting patterns, like polka dots or floral prints. You can also pair stripes with different fabrics, such as a plain t-shirt and plain jeans.  

Still hesitating to match your prints? How to be Trendy in prints ?summer flower printed dress

A safe bet is to matte black and white together, so mix polka dots with stripes. In other words, black and white go well together. You can also try mixing a polka dot top with striped pants. You can also mix a striped top with a polka dot print if you want to make your look colorful. To keep your outfit from looking too busy, avoid combining too many patterned prints in the same color palette. Trust yourself when you dare to match prints together. And if you hesitate, a plain garment between two prints will make your outfit very elegant.    

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