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Publié le 10 January 2023

Clothes that make life easier

We all have basics in our dressing room, but it is still necessary to choose quality and that highlight you. For the days when the inspiration for our outfits is not at the rendezvous, we can simply opt for basic clothes, but that will make you just as elegant, being comfortable. La mode Actuel, presents you its best basics to build a stylish look, with outfits that make life easier.

The 3 rules for choosing your essentials

  • Look for light and comfortable fabrics for summer. Materials such as cotton, linen or jersey are ideal and easy to maintain. For warmer fabrics, cashmere, mohair, wool or viscose, are quite soft and especially keep warm.
  • Consider the cut. Make sure that the clothes you choose, match your morphology.
  • Finally, opt for versatile clothing. Look for clothes that can be worn in many situations.

The timeless white blouse

A simple piece, but one that can bring a lot to your look! The white blouse lends itself very well to refined looks and also more casual. Depending on the style you want to have, it adapts to your outfit. Claudine collar for a more "wise" side, openwork embroidery for an English country style or a more basic cut, with which you can vary the styles. Knotted, sleeves rolled up or tucked into pants with a thick belt that marks your waist, there are several possible combinations. The white blouse goes as well with tailored pants for an elegant style, as with jeans for a more casual look. Midi or short skirts are also ideal for wearing your white blouse.

The heart cover dress for all seasons

Often very trendy during the summer seasons, we should not deprive ourselves of wearing it only for sunny days! Even for mid-season or cooler periods, you can totally bring out your timeless heart cover dress, just pair it with the right pieces. A long coat and a pair of suede boots will sublimate your dress. With prints or plains, the style is limitless.

The pants that sublimate your figure

An essential of your dressing room, the pants ! It is a flagship piece, but it is still necessary to turn to the right cut. To enlarge your figure, the flare cut or high waist is the most suitable and marks the waist well. If you prefer a model closer to the body, slim jeans are the one for you.

Choosing a structured coat

The choice of coat is the centerpiece of your outfit, curved, with or without belt, long for a chic and casual look or sportwear, with a down jacket, with or without sleeves. Our collection of Actuel coats is suitable for all styles, to find your happiness. The material and color is just as important, depending on the look you want to wear. Choose a coat that highlights your figure.

Opt for a soft sweater

For rainy or cooler days, we always appreciate wearing a soft and comfortable sweater. Balancing comfort and style is quite possible, provided you choose the right cut and material for your sweater. Side style, patterned or for a more simplistic side, solid colors, you are spoiled for choice.    

Shoes for every style

Casual or chic, in sneakers or heels, with the right pair of shoes, you can mix your outfits endlessly. For a more casual and urban look, we advise you to choose a pair of canvas sneakers with more sober colors such as black, white, gray or brown for warmer tones. Wearing with a skirt and pants, work great too. The waders or ankle boots are the second essential in terms of shoes that we have selected for you. In leather or suede, here too, you can vary your looks easily. Now that you know the essential clothes to make up your best looks, you are ready to choose the most beautiful pieces. With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to have a wardrobe full of outfits that will make your life easier!      

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