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Publié le 20 December 2021

Radiant for the holiday season ✨

In all occasions, we want to be elegant and radiant. What better time than the upcoming holiday season? At Actuelle, we make it a point of honor to offer you all year long, and even more so in the coming weeks, trendy and chic pieces to reveal and enhance your femininity.

Discover our most beautiful pieces, selected for you by our fashion and style experts. No excuse, fall for our outfits that will make you more beautiful than ever this holiday season!


Refined in dress

The first outfit we recommend is the unavoidable party dress. You can choose the openwork or cutaway version or even the wrap version with light floral motifs. The dress, a great classic for evening wear, ensures a perfect look for any occasion.


The Current Idea

Our fashion expert offers you the Apolline fitted dress in sequined velvet with a low back. This dress fits all body types and will sublimate your legs! Finish your style with brightly colored pumps, like red and a sober leather-look clutch. If you are cold, a semi-opaque tights and a faux fur vest will bring you a sophisticated style.

If you are not attracted by the tightness, our expert suggests the Lena dress. This ruffled wrap dress with foliage print shows off your neckline and waistline with the help of its thin adjustable belt. With family or friends, you will be feminine and elegant during your holiday meals.


blouse-volant-poisElegant with a blouse

The blouse brings the sophistication you are looking for at your party. Its chic fall shows off your style and allows you to enjoy your evening in comfort and elegance.


The Current Idea

Our expert recommends the Monique polka dot print off-the-shoulder blouse that we love at Actuelle. Its timeless look and feminine lines make this blouse an essential piece. Its little plus? This blouse can be worn on any occasion, at the office, with family, with friends... You can't miss its clean lines that bring you elegance and refinement.



Chic with shorts

Shorts in winter? The most daring are not mistaken, the shorts in winter stand out. You adopt a trendy look the shorts in winter and we will see only you! Even more original, wear the shorts during your end of year parties. Festive and modern look guaranteed!

The Current Idea

Discover the black leatherette shorts. Pair it with a flowing blouse, a pair of tights and ankle boots. Couple your look with some gold or silver accessories and you'll have an irresistible modern rock style.


How do I care for my black or faux leather party clothes?

How do I care for my leatherette pieces?

To avoid damaging it, opt for a gentle cleaning method, do not rub the fabric too much, never use abrasive products such as bleach. Use soapy water, soaking a cloth or sponge, but never rubbing. Once your solution is applied, dry without delay with a clean dry cloth of course.

Product for the changes of the smallest, the oleo-limestone lineament is perfect to clean your parts in imitation leather. Its unctuousness cleans without damaging and offers an even more brilliant finish. In the same vein, try Vaseline which, in addition to cleaning, will also shine and thus reduce the wear and tear of time on your leatherette fabrics.

How do I keep my clothes black?

There are several grandmotherly tricks to maintain and revive the black of your clothes. Our fashion expert selects the most effective tips! First of all, prefer cold or low temperature washing, because hot water tends to damage the fibers, the textiles and therefore the color. Ideally, never exceed 30 degrees.

After the temperature, the cycle of your washing machine is also important. Choose cycles dedicated to dark colors or short cycles. They will not damage the fibers and will preserve the appearance of your black clothes. Finally, white vinegar mixed with salt will fix the color while coffee or beer added in the wash tub will strengthen your black, making your textiles look like the first day.

Do you want to go further? Don't hesitate to consult our textile care guide to help you keep your clothes longer.

And because accidents happen, don't hesitate to consult our tips on how to effectively remove a red wine stain from your textiles.


You are now ready to be radiant and trendy during your next meals and parties. Thanks to the suggestions and advice of our expert, no fashion faux-pas will be declared!

Don't hesitate to share your most beautiful New Year's Eve looks under the hashtag #laplusbelleenactuelle on social networks!

Happy Holidays ❤️

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